• Lahni Carney

Day 8: Kids Dresser and Closet

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Hi, friends! Welcome back to our Organize Your Entire Home in 20 Days series!

You have done such a good job cleaning out and tidying up so far! We've worked through the entryway, coat closet, your kitchen cabinets and counters, the pantry, living room and the dining room!

Now that we have tidied up the common areas of the house, we’re going to start going into different bedrooms.

First bedroom up, your kids! Today we will be focusing on the kids dressers and closets.

Today would be a great day to get your children involved in the decluttering process so they can help you make decisions and they can start to build good habits on keeping their spaces tidy.

Start them out young!!

Keep in mind their age at this point. Younger kids will have a harder time getting rid of things, even if they don't really care about these items. This applies to clothes and toys.

For example, we had a client who's daughter loved an old t shirt. It no longer fit her, so in order for her to keep this shirt and continue to enjoy it, we framed it! Now she can look at it and remember it versus it taking up space and gathering dust on the shelf.

The first step in the organizing process is to start pulling everything out of the dresser and closet.

Pull out clothes, shoes, hangers, toys (only if the toys were in the dresser or closet though, don’t worry about ALL of their toys today, we will dive into all their toys on Day 9!), memorable keepsakes, and anything else that may be hiding in those areas.

By pulling everything out of the closet and drawers, you will be able to see what items really belong there and what items were just taking up space and need to go somewhere else.

After you have brought everything out of the dresser and closet, the next thing to do is start grouping all of the items together in similar categories.

If two of your kids share a dresser and closet, sort each of their items in their own separate groups.

Put all of the shirts together, all of the jackets together, all of the shorts together, all of the toys together, and so on until all of the items that were pulled from the spaces are grouped together.

By grouping together all of the like items you will easily be able to see what clothing and toy items that you have and may have too many of.

After you have categorized all of the clothing, its time to decide if you'll be keeping, donating or trashing them.

If you haven’t done so already, enlist the help of your children while making these decisions, there is no point to holding onto clothing they don't even like to wear!

Items that you want to keep should be things that serve your family a purpose and you definitely will be using in the future.

These are going to be things like memorable keepsakes, clothes and shoes the child still wears/fits into, and toys that the child plays with regularly.

Items that need to be donated are things that are still in good condition but no longer serve a purpose for your family.

These are going to be things like clothing and shoes that no longer fit your child and can’t be used as hand-me-downs in the future, toys that none of the children in the house currently play with, and any item there is an excess of.

Items that are trash are things that don’t serve your family any further purpose and wouldn’t serve anyone else purpose either.

These are going to be things like clothes or shoes that have stains or are torn, toys that are broken, or that art project your child made but doesn’t care about any longer.