Professional Organizer 

Job Summary

Professional Organizing is the dream job for anyone like me who's been organizing since they were young.  Anyone with a passion for order and helping people will be a perfect fit.

Each Professional Organizer will begin with Clutterless Home Solutions as a 1099 Contractor.  Individuals that showcase potential and go above and beyond for the clients and the company will be considered to become a full W2 employee.

Each Professional Organizer will need to be comfortable working independently and with other Professional Organizers on staff to bring value and to better serve our clients.  The number one goal is to decrease our client's stress and help them achieve a space they love to come home to.

Each client is different, so each Professional Organizer will have to be creative in making a space work -- not every client will need the same tools or use the same products.  It's about finding the best solution for the individual to succeed!


$15/hour – $25/hour. We offer a health insurance stipend and gym membership stipend after at least 90 days with the company. 


Full-time (30-40 hours/week ) positions available. Some of our clients are professionals that work Monday-Friday which means you may have to work some evenings or weekends.  The schedule can be flexible!

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Organize various different types rooms and spaces in residential homes

  • Travel to client’s home to do on-site organizing

  • Shop for organizing supplies and solutions for clients

  • Provide donation assistance for clients and facilitate "haul-away" of larger items

  • Network and market to help find people that need organizing services

  • Maintain personal supplies and equipment required in your organizing tool tote

  • Must have a smart phone with voicemail so clients and Organizing Lead may reach you.

  • Be in proper uniform while organizing (Clutterless Home Solutions Apron)


  • Must be able to lift and transport up to 50 pounds at a time

  • Must be able to go up and down stairs multiple times a day

  • Must be able to work for stints up to 10 hours

  • Cannot be sensitive to allergens (dust, animals or otherwise)

  • Must be willing and able to organize and in tight spaces (crawl-spaces, attics and small rooms)

  • Must be fun and outgoing (our clients need enthusiasm -- this is hard work!)

  • Must be a good listener

  • Must be patient and flexible -- this job requires a lot of empathy and compassion

  • Must be able to stay focused and help client do so

  • Must have spatial awareness (planning for the organizing)

  • Must be able to coach and guide each client towards success!

  • Must be communicative (responding to organizing Leads within 24 hours)

Education Required

We require that our Professional Organizers have earned an Associate’s Degree or a Certification of any type in any field of study. We prefer a BA or BS in any field.

Organizing Tool Requirements

Smartphone with Voicemail and Camera, Clutterless Home Solutions apron (provided), appropriate working attire (leggings and a T-shirt), a tape measure, box cutter, packing tape and labels!

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