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10 Closet Hacks That You MUST Use!

One of the most common projects I organize for my clients is closet organization.

Everyone wants the Pinterest-Perfectly organized home and closet, but when it comes time to start organizing, they become overwhelmed.

1. Hang Your Clothes In the Same Spot — Every Time!

Once everything is organized (what I call the “Organizational Foundation”), it will make it much easier to find things in your closet and put together an outfit — did you know that the average American burns 55 minutes PER DAY looking for things they know they own but cannot find? (Newsweek)

2. Use Wall Space

Accessories are another item that seem to be neglected when it comes to closet organization. Using wasted space for hanging hats, scarves, belts, sunglasses or even jewelry can decrease clutter in your closet.

You can use your hats to create a fun decorative wall or hang them on the inside of your closet — either way, this keeps them off the floor and ready to go on your head!

3. Hangers are Hella’ Important

Not only do matching hangers create a uniform look, but they automatically make a cluttered closet look better!

It is also important to use the right hangers for the right pieces of clothing — the best kind of hangers for pants (in my humble opinion) are these.

Hangers are all dependent on personal preference as well. Some of my clients like the velvet hangers (for aesthetic) and some like the plastic (for strength).

4. Keep Your Shelves In Shape

The shelves above your hanging items can be a real source of clutter — and an eye-sore if they aren’t kept up.

My favorite way to keep up organization on the shelves is containing the items in different bins! The ones below make your closet look uniform and protect your clothes from dust!

5. Color-Coordinate

One of the most important rules to organizing your closet and maintaining said organization is color-coordinating your clothes!

This helps you stay organized for a few reasons: you know what you actually have, you can more easily find your clothes (“Where’s that blue top? Oh! By all the other blue things.”)

When I organize a closet, I start with the ROYGBIV color system, adding in extras for the colors outside of the rainbow.

From left to right, the clothes go in this order: white, tan, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, pink, grey, black and white, black with color and black (for all those little black dresses you rock!).

6. Categorize

Other than color-coordinating your closet, categorizing your clothes is another important step to maintain organization.

This means: All the tank tops together, all the short sleeves together, and so on.

This is just another steps towards making getting dressed in the morning fun again!

The closet in this photo belonged to Lisa P.

Lisa preferred that her career clothes be separated from her causal clothes. As you can see, the clothes are categorized and color-coordinated as well within each section.

Organizing your closet this way makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for. That comes in handy when you’re late (you’re late! for a very important date!)

7. Be Creative With Your Shoes

Shoes can often be a dilemma in my client’s closets.

Whether the problem be that they have too many shoes, hard to use space or no room on the floor, it’s important to be creative so you can display your beautiful shoes.

There are many ways to do this. I’ve listed a few solutions I’ve implemented!

8. Use Back-of-the Door Space!

Just like we mentioned in Hack number 2, you want to utilize all the space in your closet to optimize your organization!

Another way you can do this is by hanging things on the back of your door.

There are a few ways to do this, some semi-permanent and some will lift easily off the top.

I would suggest using this space for robes, jewelry, scarves or even more hats! Depending on what you decide to store, you will need to choose the best fitting storage solution.

For hats, I would suggest:

For scarves:

You can buy short curtain rods almost anywhere: Target, Walmart, Big Lots, Dollar Store, Amazon or thrift stores. There are also a lot of options when it comes to how to hang them on the rod. It’s just going to be what works best for you. An inexpensive solution is using shower curtain rods!

For jewelry:

9. Display Your Handbags!

The best way to put together an outfit is to see what you’re working with.

A common suggestion I make to my clients is to display their handbags.

This can be as easy as storing them on a shelf or purchasing a hanging organizer.

The most important part is stuffing your bags so they retain their shape.

This helps the integrity of the bag last longer over time (saving you money!) and honestly, it looks beautiful!

For stuffing your bags, you can use leftover packing paper, newspapers or even leftover wrapping paper from your kid’s birthday party.

Just remember, always put the purse stuffing of your choice in a plastic bag (from King Soopers, Walmart or anywhere!) to keep the inside of your purses safe from the paper.

This also makes it easier when you’re using the purse. Just place the baggie of paper where your purse lives and replace it when you’re done!

10. Know Yourself

Something that I tell all my clients is that the best organization is like the best diet — one you can stick to!

My best advice is to organize your closet, or bring someone in to help you, in a way that suits your daily habits and routines.

Something that may be easily maintainable by a highly organized person may not feel the same way to someone who isn’t as organized (that’s why they’re in this predicament to begin with!).

So for those of you who are organized and have a spouse who is not, finding the balance is crucial so that everyone feels happy in their home!

Get organized so you can focus on the more important things in life.

Stay tuned for more blog posts about organizing and Living Clutterless!

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