Our Team

Lahni Carney

Owner/Professional Organizer

Lahni has always had a passion for organizing.  She turned this passion into a career in 2017 when she realized that helping people and organizing go hand-in-hand.  She loves what she does and how much joy it brings the people she works for.

When she's not organizing, Lahni is spending time with her wonderful family, cuddling up with a good book or creating some kind of yummy baked good!


Jessica Woodrell

Professional Organizer

Jessica has always enjoyed organizing. She likes seeing how creativity and structure can completely transform a space so that it feels like a home. She loves being able to help someone’s life feel more manageable and help to bring a sense of calmness into their everyday routine. 


When Jessica isn't at work she enjoy hanging out with her 2 cats, cooking, and traveling.


Catie Daus

Professional Organizer

Catie has always loved every aspect of organizing. She understands life can get crazy and it’s easy to find ourselves living in a mess. She strives to create spaces in your home that promote a more peaceful way of living in your everyday life. Catie believes that the more we declutter our homes, the more we declutter our lives, leaving more time and space for the things that bring us peace.


When she’s not organizing, Catie spends her time fostering animals from her local animal shelter, spending time outdoors, and exploring everything Colorado has to offer.


Annie O'Brien

Professional Organizer

Annie is an organizer at heart! She believes that organization within all different facets of life will help lead to a more sustainable and well-intentioned livelihood. She understands that there are many factors that can get in the way of organization, and that is where she comes in! Annie believes that even the most simple drawer organization can make a difference in the productivity and happiness in one’s life.


When she isn’t organizing, she enjoys rollerskating in the park, spending time with her cat, and cooking plant based meals.

Why We Do It:


  • Always exceed expectations

  • Strive to be better each and everyday

  • When we win, we win together

  • We dream big

  • Heart count, not head count

  • Our clients are part of our family


"That one day everyone will come home to a stress-free home."




Mission Statement:

"I want to inspire people to create the stress-free home of their dreams."


Clutterless Home Solutions LLC is the fastest and only full-service organizing company in Denver.  What that means is that we will do all the physical work like climbing on ladders, crawling in crawl spaces, lifting of heavy items, moving of reasonable furniture and items and just about anything to make your home more efficient and manageable.

We provide Expert Shopping Assistance.  This means that we will go to the store for you and bring as many as the organizational items we think we will need. 

On top of that, our team will also provide donation assistance and haul-away


We do this because we don't want any of the items you decided to get rid of become reincorporated into your home, and to rid you of the headache that waiting for a donation pick-up can become.

As an added perk, we assist you with consignment or selling of some of your items.*

If you need additional information, please check out our Before & After photos and all our Client Testimonials (we have over 200 5-Star Reviews!)

*This is subjected to a fee of 25% of what the items sells for.

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