At Clutterless Home Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves to come home to a stress-free space they love


That’s why we send you a team dedicated to eliminating your stress, anxiety & overwhelm


We just happen to be great at organizing. Want to start your project?

Our Team


Lahni Carney

Owner/Professional Organizer

Lahni has always had a passion for organizing.  She turned this passion into a career in 2017 when she realized that helping people and organizing go hand-in-hand.  She loves what she does and how much joy it brings the people she works for.

When she's not organizing, Lahni is spending time with her wonderful family, cuddling up with a good book or creating some kind of yummy baked good!


Jessica Woodrell

Professional Organizer

Jessica has always enjoyed organizing. She likes seeing how creativity and structure can completely transform a space so that it feels like a home. She loves being able to help someone’s life feel more manageable and help to bring a sense of calmness into their everyday routine. 


When Jessica isn't at work she enjoy hanging out with her 2 cats, cooking, and traveling.


Megan Brown
Customer Success Manager & Professional Organizer

Megan is an ultimate organizer!  

She started her career path organizing and managing files and spaces for several different clients and businesses to enable a smooth productive easy to follow pattern.  She matches this organized work life in her personal life as well!


In her spare time Megan enjoys casually competing in dressage with her horse Indigo, and being a crazy cat-mom to her two furry felines:  Gnocchi & Fiona!


Adele Payant
Professional Organizer

Adele has a passion for organizing. She believes that getting organized can impact someone’s life for the better and she’s here to help you do that! 


When Adele isn’t organizing she’s hanging out with her pup, hiking throughout Colorado, and hanging out with friends.


Amanda Walker
Professional Organizer

Amanda has always invested time into organizing and keeping spaces tidy. Let’s face it: clutter can be stressful. I know when my work and living space isn’t the most organized, I usually can’t get the most work done. Knowing where to start can be the hardest part, and that’s how I want to help! 


In my spare time I enjoy hiking, skiing, trying all the food Denver has to offer and hanging with friends. 

Why We Do It:


  • Always exceed expectations

  • Strive to be better each and everyday

  • Be happy & have fun!

  • When we win, we win together

  • We dream big

  • Heart count, not head count

  • Our clients are part of our family

Vision Statement:


"We believe that everyone deserves to come home to a stress-free space they love"




At Clutterless Home Solutions we know you are the kind of people who want to be organized & stress-free.
In order to be that way, you need a team dedicated to eliminating your stress, anxiety and overwhelm.
The problem is, items can be easily misplaced which makes you feel overwhelmed and frustrated.
We believe that everyone should have a stress-free home that they love!
And we understand how it feels to be disorganized.
That's why we send you an experienced and efficient team dedicated to making your home look amazing.
Here's how it works: Call and schedule a video chat, Book a day, and Sit back and relax while we organize.
So call us today so you can stop being overwhelmed and stressed out and start feeling relaxed and in love with your home.

Madeline Wood
Professional Organizer

Maddie believes in empowering others and teaching you how to live a more purposeful life by decluttering, organizing and designing a home you can call your very own guilty pleasure.  Think of her as your closet counselor, garage guru, drawer slayer, office organizer and overall mess whisperer! Basically, she's your super organized friend with an eye for design - helping you transform your space into a home that looks great, works well and conforms to your everyday needs!

When she isn't organizing, Maddie enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, and camping with her husband and mini aussie Charlie.

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