• Lahni Carney

Day 19: Garage

Hello, friends! Welcome to Day 19 of our How to Organize Your Entire Home in 20 Days series! You have been working so hard and we are so close to having your entire house organized.

Today’s project is a big one, but no worries, you know what to do!

Up today, your garage! This area is another great space to get the entire family involved since the items in there are a combination of your's, your partner's and your kid's --no need to do all of the hard work without some help. Let’s get started!

PC: Clean Organized Family Home

The first step to organizing your garage is to (that's right!) pull everything out from the space.

Start taking everything off the shelves, out of boxes, from within the cabinets and off the walls and pile it all into different piles in the garage and on the driveway. (This is a perfect activity to get some time in the outdoors!).

The best way to keep this project efficient is to put things in categories (the piles we talked about) AS you are pulling things off the shelves and out of boxes.

Make groups of similar items like sports equipment, tools, holiday decorations, toys, outdoor gear and anything else you store in your garage.

After you have made broad groups of everything in your garage, start sorting through those groups and dividing them into even smaller groups.

The more specific and detailed you can get for each group, the better your garage will look and function at the end.

Sort sports equipment into groups based on what kind of sport it is (all of the baseball equipment into a group, all of the basketball equipment into a group, all of the workout gear into a group, etc.).

Then move onto the tools and group all of the similar tools together (power tools with each other, hammers with each other, screwdrivers with each other, etc.).

Sort the holiday decorations by the different holidays and then by what kind of decoration it is (Christmas lights together, Christmas tree decorations together, Easter wreaths together, Thanksgiving knickknacks together, etc.).

Sort outdoor gear by what it’s used for (make groups of camping supplies, water equipment, outdoor cooking utensils, etc.)

Repeat this step until all the items in your garage are sorted into very specific groups. By being very specific with your categorizing, you’re creating an organizational system that will allow you to easily find items and quicker to put those items away after use in the future.

I know it’s a lot but the end results will be so worth it! This will be the hardest and longest step but it is definitely necessary in order for your garage to be completely organized.

By bringing out all of the items, you are easily able to see what items you want in your garage and what items you’re ready to let go of.

After you've pulled everything out onto the driveway, the next step to getting your garage organized is to start throwing away trash.

Toss out things in your immediate vision that you know without a doubt are trash.

Don’t spend too much time looking though -- we will dig deeper for things to throw away later on.

Quickly toss out old boxes, empty bottles, or any other items you see that can be thrown away. By throwing away obvious trash, you are quickly eliminating some of the clutter without much effort.

After you have categorized all the items in your garage, the next step to getting this room organized is to clean it!

Yes, take a step away from all the stuff, it’s time to just focus on the space.

Start by dusting off high to reach places like shelves and cabinets. Dust away any cobwebs that are hiding in the corners. After that, wipe down all flat surfaces like shelves, outside of cabinets, desks, and work surfaces.

Spray disinfectant on items like tools, workout equipment, sports equipment, outdoor gear and toys.