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Alyssa - Englewood

Alyssa needed help purging her garage - it had become her catch-all place.  The garage came with great built-in ceiling shelves, so after purging and putting things into the home, the garage was ready for a Colorado winter!

Marilyn - Montclair

Marilyn needed to better categorize her garage so things were easier to find and put away.  We incorporated shoe bins for tools, a hardware organizer* for nails, screws and small similar objects, and put all the categories together!

Amy - Englewood

Amy and her family had moved into this house and things ended up lost in the new garage.  They have a great extra space in the back of the garage for storage so they can easily fit in both of their cars and all of their garage storage!

Bonnie - Boulder

This client needed to organize their garage so they could easily find things in this extra storage space. They stored things here because they use their home as a vacation home while they're out of town.

Susan - Aurora

Susan was getting ready for a cross country move.  We helped her clear the clutter, purge 3 donation car loads of items and trash 3 full trash cans and one full of recycling! 


The items she kept, we categorized, packed and stacked on one side of the garage to prepare the home for staging pictures.

Garage Tip: Shelving can really help keep things organized in the garage. You can keep things stored above the door as well!  Containing the items is the first step to creating an organizational system!

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