• Lahni Carney

5 Organizing Hacks using Tension Rods

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

We are always looking for ways to get organized! Here are a few tips I loved from Angela Davis' article on DIY & Craft's website.

We all have struggled with keeping the spice cabinet organized. Using a tension rod to create levels within your cabinet is a great way to see everything and keep it all organized!

A great way to add some organization to your spice cabinet!

This hack keeps your wrapping supplies in order!

Added hack: Break down clothing boxes to store inside the largest box. Keeps everything in one space and looking great!

This hack helps all those shoe lovers out there! Keeping all your heels along tension rods keeps them off the floor so you can put the final touches on your outfit for ladies night out!

This hack creates space and saves your purses from getting crushed on the shelves! Use tension rods in a small space and S-hooks to hang your purses nicely for all to see!