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Simple Organizing Hacks You’ll wish you knew years ago!

Everyone is trying to get organized, stay organized or pretend they’re organized. Organization has become a dilemma in the modern era. Everyone is busy working, so the side projects have started to slide lower and lower on your endless list of “To-Do’s. Here are some simple tricks to keep yourself organized going into this holiday season!

Here are some simple tricks to keep yourself organized going into this holiday season!

Pick up after yourself DAILY — the number one thing that disorganized people do wrong is letting everything pile up! Maintenance is KEY! The most organized people don’t let dishes, shoes, paperwork, mail or piles of laundry pile up throughout the day or week. They clean up after themselves immediately – that way it never becomes overwhelming!

Finish one project at a time — I know that all of us consider ourselves multi-taskers, but having a painting project in the bathroom while putting up shelving in your living room and having carpeting installed in the basement can lead to a lot of unfinished business. This can then lead to “prioritizing” your projects which inevitably leaves all the small things left undone. Being organized in your home begins with being organized in your mind!

Avoid cluttering your hard surfaces — There are many ways you can maintain this. Again, the first trick I mentioned is to put things away immediately. This will cut down on a lot of your clutter. Another trick you can use is to decorate your hard spaces so it makes it harder for you to make them messy.

Use matching hangers — It can make even the craziest closet look more organized. It’s also inexpensive and simple! This is something I always suggest for my clients wanting closet makeovers. Another BONUS hack is to keep a “donate” bag hanging in your closet — this way, if something doesn’t fit right or you know you won’t keep wearing it, you can throw it in you handy bin to be easily collected and donated!

Make your bed every morning — This is more than just for organization. Making your bed has the potential to set up your entire day. When I was growing up, my parents always said that having a tidy room and making your bed daily builds character. It not only makes your room look better right away, but it can also mentally prepare you for the day. Here is an article I read recently that agrees!

Keeping your home organized starts with getting to an organizational foundation. Whether you have just moved, you’re working full-time, or you just don’t know what to do with all the clutter, we would love to assist you to feel less stressed and make your home finally feel like home! That way, there’s at least one less thing on your To-Do list!

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