• Lahni Carney

10 Essential Tips for Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Spring Cleaning is in the air! When it comes to home organizing, there is just something about getting the house clean and decluttered after being locked in due to the snow (and that can't be a truer statement after this weekend!).

*dusts furiously*

Decide What Matters Most

When it comes to cleaning and organizing, the most important thing to remember is to avoid feeling overwhelmed. If you start to feel anxious, I like to focus on one task at a time and complete it entirely before moving on to another.

If you're cleaning the kitchen, start at the top and finish the entire space (I do advise to do the floors on each level last in order to maximize the cleaning time and effort!) before you move on.

If you're decluttering or purging a closet, bring trash bags or containers and label where the items are going (trash, donate or consignment/sell) so there aren't large piles of clothing on the floor around you.

Organization is a beautiful thing because it can be catered to the individuals needs and helps you find the things you need in your home!

Establish New Cleaning Habits

Set yourself up for success! A clean and organized home isn't just about having a clean environment, but it actually changes your mental state.

Leo Babuta, a zen habits blogger, states that you want to "make it so easy, you can't say no".

Start with something small. When you make dinner, make it a habit to clean up the dishes before you go to bed. When you get home, always hang your jacket and keys in the same place.

Building these habits overtime can help you grow into being more organized.