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10 Gifts to Cut the Clutter this Christmas

If you’re at a loss for what to give for Christmas this year (because none of us need more STUFF!), here are some fun ideas and experiences to make this holiday special. This especially works if you’re getting down to the wire and you haven’t been able to find that perfect gift for someone on your list.

We all know that it’s the thought that counts and spending time with your loved ones over something that may gather dust on the shelf 6 months from now shows that your gift is truly coming from the heart.

1. A Year’s Worth of Outings

Grab twelve envelopes, and in each one slip a piece of paper with plans for a free date/outing you can do together that month. At the start of each month in the new year, have the receiver open up the envelope to see what fun lies ahead for you two.

This could be the perfect gift for your significant other, or even one a parent/grandparent (I know my mom would love this!).

2. Put Together a Time Capsule

Grab a box with a lock, or at least a lid, and place in it fun memories from this year or years past, like popular clothing items, photos, tickets, or anything sentimental to the both of you. When done, make sure you write on top for them not to open until a specific date.

This gift could be fun with a child or grandchild because the memories will be adorable to look at even 5 years from then! It’s perfect and unique because it’ll just be memories for the two of you -or (grand)parents with each (grand)child!

3. Do Something They’ve Always Wanted to Do

This year for my dad, we decided to take a trip to a nearby observatory. I noticed that he was getting interested in astronomy and using his telescope at the house, so this could be a fun outing for the two of us (when restrictions are lifted, of course!). Gifts like these kinds of experiences are the ones that you remember forever.

This would be a great gift for someone who who eco-friendly and enjoys acts of service!

4. Let Them Have That Thing They Always Borrow

If your friend or family member is always “borrowing” a tee from you (read: stealing and wearing, 24/7), just complete the transition and give it to them. It’ll be the perfect inside joke between the two of you, and now they no longer need to ask your permission!

I did this with my best friend. She always admired one of my winter coats and since it wasn’t something I wore frequently in the winter months, I gifted it to her! She was so ecstatic — sometimes it’s best to get gift ideas from listening or observing the way people interact or look at something.

5. Offer to House-Sit

Whether they’re wrangling a puppy or taking care of a child at home, offer some sitting services by gifting them a night out on the town or a weekend away without having to book a sitter.

Give them the gift of time! Babysitters (good ones at least!) are hard to come by and schedule around an already busy schedule. Overwhelmed parents will definitely appreciate this one.

6. Food — Yum!

Cook a dinner or go full-on Martha Stewart and give baked goodies to all your friends. It’s a gift everyone will appreciate. Who doesn’t love cookies? And there’s a free pass because we are all wearing bulky sweaters.

One year, we made reindeer cocoa bags and cookies for all of our friends when we were in school and everyone loved the little homemade gift — and it was fun to put together!

7. Put Together Your Own Cookbook

Does your friend or family member like to cook? Bake? Mix drinks? If so, compile recipes you love, along with any treasured family recipes. Choose themes relating to his or her life and introduce each section of the cookbook with a little personalized note. If they went to school down South, include a Southern comfort food section.

My sister-in-law made the cutest gluten-free cookbook for my mom and it’s one of the gifts she has used the most since she received it! Plus you can make the excuse to scrapbook!

8. Make a book of Memories with StoryWorth

It’s time to capture your family stories! StoryWorth is this cool new service that sends an email to your family member (this could be a popular gift from grandchild to grandma/grandpa) with a question prompt. The gift receiver then responds to each email (and you get to read all about your family’s fun stories), and at the end of the year, the emails are compiled into a book that you get to keep.

You can learn more about StoryWorth here.

Perfect gift for grandparent from grandchild!

9. Go On a Picnic

Grab some cocoa, soup in a thermos and a blanket to get cozy and enjoy our beautiful Colorado winter! Tell your gift receiver you’ll organize an outing at your favorite park with a blanket, homemade snacks, and maybe a game or two to play on your picnic. Don’t forget to make a playlist for the outing to make it a little bit more special.

Perfect for a couple, a group of friends or family. Time spent together is the greatest gift of all.

10. Give the gift of organizing!

Nothing feels better than having a clean and organized home (we sure love it!). We have been gifting a TON of organizing lately for the holiday season and winter birthdays. Especially with so much time at home, people are starting to realize how much they hate clutter!!

We also believe (not because we are biased or anything), that organizing is the perfect gift for anyone!

Reach out to us here to chat more about giving the joy of organizing!

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