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20 Bathroom Countertop Organization Ideas and Tips

A well-organized bathroom can bring a sense of tranquility and efficiency to your daily routine. When it comes to keeping your bathroom tidy, focusing on countertop organization is key. Smart strategies can make cluttered spaces functional and attractive by storing everyday essentials and adding style. 

In this article, we will explore 20 creative bathroom countertop organization ideas and tips. They will help you optimize space while creating an organized oasis in your home. Keep reading to learn more.

Bathroom Countertop Organization Ideas: Pro Tips

Looking to declutter and style your bathroom countertop? These pro tips will guide you. From organizing essentials with stylish vessels and trays to creating a functional space, these ideas will help simplify your routine. For a neater, more effective start to your day, take inspiration from the well-organized countertops in 20 inspiring bathrooms.

Assess Your Counter Space

To effectively organize your bathroom countertop, start by assessing its size and limitations. If you have a small vanity, consider storage options that fit within the available space. Understanding the dimensions of your countertop will help you devise an efficient organization plan suited to your needs. Keep in mind that there are still plenty of storage ideas to choose from, even with limited space.

Maximize Storage Space With A Hanging Basket

Looking for stylish and functional storage solutions? Try using hanging baskets to maximize space. These baskets can hold skin care products, washcloths, and other bathroom essentials, saving countertop space. Hang them up to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

Place Towels In Basket

Create a luxurious feel in your bathroom by placing washcloths in a charming woven basket. This simple act not only adds an elegant touch but also helps to keep things organized and tidy. Emulate the sophistication of a hotel bathroom right at home.

Break Out The Flowers

Add a touch of freshness to your well-organized bathroom countertop with beautiful flowers. While not about storage, fresh blooms bring visual relief and add a pop of color amidst containers and boxes. Place a small bouquet on the countertop for an instant uplift in your space’s ambiance. Let nature’s beauty complement your organized spot.

Hang Products From A Tension Rod Or Towel Bar With Clip-On Shower Curtain Rings

Free up countertop space by hanging your shower products using clip-on shower curtain rings. Attach personal care items to photo or curtain hooks for easy access in the shower. This organization hack eliminates the need for cleaning in-shower shelves and keeps everything easily accessible and tidy.

Take Advantage Of Under-Sink Space

Make the most of limited bathroom space by opting for a pedestal sink with added storage. To maximize usability, use an under-sink shelf for towels. Alternatively, consider mounting a standalone sink on a shelf or investing in a bathroom vanity featuring built-in storage cabinets. These options offer efficient organization while maintaining your preferred aesthetic.

Add A Curved Shelving Unit To A Pedestal Sink

Enhance storage options in a pedestal sink bathroom with a curved shelving unit. It fits beautifully beneath the sink and organizes daily necessities for easy access. Your pretty pedestal sink turns into an efficient storage solution without sacrificing style or functionality.

Use Wall Space To Hang Towels

Maximize space in a small bathroom by utilizing wall space to hang towels. Instead of using floor-consuming shelves, opt for towel hooks or racks mounted on the walls. This smart organization solution keeps your towels easily accessible. It also saves countertop and floor space, making small spaces more organized.

Set Out A Small Bowl

Keep your jewelry safe and organized by setting out a small, stylish bowl. This ceramic piece adds a touch of elegance to your countertop while providing a designated spot for your baubles. Look for unique options at local craft fairs or vintage shops to find the perfect bowl. It must suit both functionality and aesthetics in your bathroom space.

Install A Medicine Cabinet

Looking for additional storage in your bathroom? Consider installing a medicine cabinet. It’s an affordable and straightforward solution that provides extra space to keep toiletries organized and within reach. It does not matter if you choose a medicine cabinet that is built into or mounted on the wall. It will look great in your bathroom and be useful for storage.

Install A Floating Shelf For Small Extras

If you’re hesitant to drill holes for extra storage, try a damage-free floating shelf. This adhesive strip-mounted option provides additional space without the need for permanent installation. With a weight capacity of up to 15 pounds, it’s perfect for holding cosmetics, personal care products, or decorative items. At the same time, it keeps them out of the way and organized.

Use Containers To Hide Toiletries Housed On Open Shelving

Achieve a streamlined look for your bathroom by utilizing containers to house toiletries on open shelving. Choose stylish bins and baskets that will not only keep things in order but also make the room look better overall. You can also consider woven baskets. It can create a visually pleasing and clutter-free environment in your bathroom.

Coordinate The Containers

Use matching containers for hand soap and lotion to make your bathroom counter look neat and put together. Replacing different bottles with uniform ones (with labeled dispensers) enhances the overall aesthetic. This choice makes your vanity appear more put together. With this easy solution, you can get rid of clutter and avoid spending extra money on pretty soap bottles.

Keep Storage Box

For items you prefer to keep out of sight but easily accessible, use a stylish storage box. These larger boxes are perfect for medications and other essentials that don’t need to be on display. Opt for a trendy cane storage box to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom countertop organization.

Turn A Shelf Into A Vanity

Don’t have under-sink storage? Transform a shelf into a vanity instead. Utilize architectural details to your advantage by repurposing existing shelves as functional and stylish storage spaces for beauty products. Invest in makeup organizers to keep your items organized and easily accessible. This clever organization tip makes the most of limited space while keeping everything tidy and within reach.

Set Out Guest Towels

When hosting guests, display small napkins in a clear tray for easy hand wiping. This gesture adds a welcoming and clean touch to your bathroom countertop. Besides, you won’t have to worry about mixing the napkins with personal cloth towels. It’s a thoughtful gesture that showcases your attention to detail and makes visitors feel comfortable during their stay.

Pick Your Palette

To elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom storage, select a color palette. Create an upscale look by using two complementary colors, like dark green and gold. Use one hue for organizing items and the other for decorative accents. This simple yet effective technique adds understated elegance to your vanity area while maintaining utility.

Try a Tiny Tray

When you have only a few items to store on your bathroom countertop, try using tiny trays. These compact trays not only keep your essentials organized but also add style and purpose to their placement. Opt for decorative options that complement your bathroom decor while efficiently holding small items in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Stack Some Bins

Boost your bathroom countertop organization by stacking decorative boxes. Mimic the look of open shelves with this stylish solution. With their unique shapes and materials, these artistic containers not only hold things but also make your space look better. 

Purchase An End Table

If you’re lacking counter space in your bathroom, consider purchasing an end table. This clever solution provides a surface to hold essential items near the sink. Keep it minimal and tidy by selecting only a few key pieces for display on this small tabletop area. 

Add the Finishing Touches

You may have tried one of these organizing ideas, but sometimes you still need more. You may want more storage or want to give your space a more personalized touche of your own. Try the next set of ideas.

  • Choose Matching Accessories: To unify the space, consider buying coordinating bathroom countertop accessories. Matching hand soap, toothbrush, and tissue boxes look good on the counter, reduce visual clutter, and balance your organization.  
  • Decant Products: Do not just pour liquids into jars. Put your skincare liquids and perfumes in pretty (or matching) bottles on a tray. Add your own labels and expiration date to the bottle. 
  • Look to Nearby Wall Space: Your bathroom counter can only carry so much, no matter how simple or space-efficient you are. Floating shelves can keep toiletries close to the countertop. Choose the sink mirror or nearest wall spot for the shelves. 
  • Add Decor: Finally, bathroom counters should be stylish. Include some decorations in your organized products. A small vase of flowers, a candle, and a leaning piece of framed art are enough to create harmony.


Implementing effective small bathroom counter organization ideas can transform your space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing oasis. There are many ways to declutter and streamline your bathroom counter, from trays and baskets to shelves. Don’t forget the power of decorative accents to tie everything together.

While DIY organizing efforts can be successful, hiring a professional organizer like Clutterless Home Solutions adds an extra level of expertise. Our knowledge of organization ensures that you’ll get top-notch results tailored specifically to your needs.

Transform your bathroom countertop today with these tips and experience the difference it makes in maintaining an organized sanctuary.

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