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19 Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas To Maximize Your Space

Having an organized and well-maintained bedroom closet is essential for maximizing your space and creating a stylish environment. With the right bedroom closet organization ideas, you can improve your morning routine. Moreover, you can easily find what you need and transform your cluttered closet into a functional storage solution. 

That’s why, in this article, we will discuss some unique organization strategies for your bedroom closet. From decluttering to utilizing smart storage solutions, we’ll show you 19 effective strategies that anyone can implement. Get ready to enjoy a clean and efficient closet that will revolutionize the way you dress. Stop having trouble with your closet!

Small Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas And Tips

Is your small bedroom closet in need of organization? Look no further! These simple and effective tips will help you maximize your space. From clever storage solutions to efficient closet systems, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into these practical ideas for a clutter-free and organized bedroom closet.

Install A Closet System

A closet system can make your storage organization better in no time. Say goodbye to single rods and shelves, and hello to a ton of usable space! Choose wardrobe parts that you can change like rods to hang clothes, drawers, and extra pieces. 

Another option is to install a top track along the length of your closet with vertical rails that support various components. These components provide even more customization possibilities. With an easy installation process, you’ll have an organized and functional closet very quickly.

Use Small Organizers

Use small organizers for tiny shelves that hold things like wallets. Each thing gets its own spot, which makes it easier to find stuff and keeps your little closet neat.

Combine Storage Units

Maximize storage in your bedroom closet by combining units for different needs. Utilize drawers for folded items, hangers for dresses and suits, and boxes to organize odds and ends. You can choose a closet set that lets you make your own drawers. This way, you can also get to your hangers and boxes.

Use Matching Organizer Sets

Add elegance to your small closet by using matching sets of organizers. Custom woodwork perfectly complements trays and boxes for smaller items. Double the storage capacity with stacked gold rods.

Dedicate a Wall to Built-Ins

To optimize space in a narrow walk-in closet, dedicate one wall to built-ins for accessories and clothing. Leave the other wall bare for clear pathways, preventing it from feeling cramped. Consider adding a skylight to allow natural light into this custom-designed, tall, and narrow closet.

Find Attractive Storage

Make your little bedroom closet better with nice, cheap places to put things. Keep everything looking good together by picking things that go with your own taste, such as cloth boxes or a cool closet set. Put money into keeping things tidy that look good in your room and aren’t too expensive.

Incorporate Hooks For Vertical Storage

Use hooks to store things up high. Put hooks on walls or behind doors to make more space. Hang things like coats, bags, and towels on the walls.

Use Shelf Dividers

Stop clothes from piling up on your closet shelf. Use shelf dividers. They split the shelf into sections. Now you can put different clothes in each section of your small closet.

Opt For Shallow Drawers

To make your closet tidy, choose thin drawers. In such drawers, you can see all your things quickly and don’t have to search. Cover the inside of the drawers with cloth or wallpaper to make them look nice and keep your clothes safe. If you have deep drawers, put in dividers. Dividers stop little things from going missing at the back.

Learn Better Folding Techniques

Improve your closet organization by mastering better folding techniques. For example, you can put one bra into another to save room in your drawer. You can also place small bags into big bags. Besides, folding clothes standing up makes sure your drawers are not messy with stacks of sweaters or shirts. These easy tips let you store more things and keep everything clean and easy to get.

Group Clothing By Category

When you fix up your small bedroom closet, make different spots for different types of clothes. Don’t just put the clothes you use most in front. It can make it hard to find things. Instead, group similar garments together: tops, sweaters, dresses, pants, skirts, and jackets. Sort each type by itself.

Combine Baskets With Bins

Consider combining open baskets and closed bins for efficient closet storage. Use open baskets to hold regularly worn items, while closed bins are ideal for storing less frequently used or cluttered belongings. 

Repurpose Existing Furniture

To create a functional closet, consider repurposing existing furniture. For example, transform an old armoire into shoe storage or use multiple cabinets to assemble a custom center island. Add marble tops and a fresh coat of paint for a stylish upgrade.

Put Hats And Bags On The Door

Adding additional storage in your bedroom closet is a must. Hang a rail or install hooks on the back of your door for hats and bags. It will free up space inside the closet for clothing and shoes. This clever solution not only maximizes storage but also adds charm to your bedroom decor. It creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Add A Little Shoe Shelf

Maximize your small walk-in closet with a dedicated shoe shelf. Showcase your beloved collection on a single wall, adding style and organization to your space. It’s an efficient way to keep shoes accessible while making them the centerpiece of your wardrobe.

Add A Dresser

To achieve a seamless built-in look at an affordable cost, consider adding a dresser to your bedroom closet. This addition not only provides extra storage but also offers additional shelving options. Opt for a dresser that matches the color or finish of your existing closet shelves. It will create a custom and cohesive appearance.

Put Dresser Below Your Hanging Items

Consider placing a dresser under your hanging items as an efficient way to organize your closet. This simple addition maximizes space and provides extra storage options without the need for complex installation processes. Just position the dresser where you want it and start filling up those drawers! Remember to remove them before moving the heavy, solid wood piece into your closet. If needed, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

Get an Additional Clothes Rack

A freestanding clothes rack is a smart solution for small spaces or rooms without closets. Place a tall closet system in the corner of your bedroom to maximize storage efficiency. For existing closets, consider adding a shorter design under the main rod to create additional hanging space. If you’re concerned about clutter, use an attractive folding room divider to hide the clothing rack from view. It will help to maintain visual harmony within your space.

Organize With Reusable Labels

DIY tags are the secret to an organized closet. Use reusable labels to easily identify items and maintain order without spending a dime. Label boxes, bins, and drawers with customized descriptions that suit your unique needs. Whether it’s grouping t-shirts or organizing socks without mates, these labels keep everything in its place—no judgment! With clear labeling at your fingertips, finding what you need becomes a breeze.


Organizing your bedroom closet is essential to maximizing space and maintaining a clutter-free environment. By implementing the 19 ideas discussed above, you can transform your small closet into a well-organized room. From utilizing customizable wardrobe frames to adding shelf dividers and incorporating open baskets, there are countless ways to optimize storage efficiency. 

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