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Amy - Denver


Amy needed help organizing her office space after the arrival of her new baby.  We utilized the fun shelving unit with extra baskets and some jewelry organizers from The Container Store*.

We also got creative with her earrings with some picture frames, lace burlap (thick) ribbon!

Gavin - Sloan's Lake

Gavin needed a nice looking space for her many Zoom calls so we helped transform her office into a nice place for her to run her business and chat with clients.

Sometimes a space can feel fresh with just some furniture rearranging.

Tria - Golden

Tria needed to cut back on the paper in her life! We helped go through the extra papers, decide what needed to be shredded (and took it to shred for her!), rearranged the space and opened up the office so she could better utilize the workspace.

Kim - Littleton

Kim needed an office makeover so she could feel she was more effectively using the space, while also clearing the clutter from the floor.

We LOVE the new rainbow color-coordinated books!

Kathy - Lakewood

Kathy had paperwork built up from 3o years with her husband.  We sorted through the paperwork, filed away the important paper to keep, and shredded the older paperwork that we discarded (20 bags worth!).

Paperwork Tip:  You only need to keep 7 years worth of tax records (10 for business), and if you have bank records, you don't have to keep bills. Make sure to set up auto-payment where you can.

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