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    • Do not be rude, talk/be on your cell phone(urgent calls taken in car) , stand around or waste time eating, drinking, etc.

    • Do not leave stickers on items if possible (If sticker won't come off put the sticker facing backwards)

    • Do not make comments about clients items to make them feel judged/embarrassed (For example: Client had life-like babydolls & an organizer made a rude comment about how they were creepy and to keep them away from her)

    • Do not show up in shorts, sweatpants, or without your Clutterless T-shirt or Pullover. (Exception: You may wear warm sweatpants for cold garage projects)

    • Do not show up with your hair looking messy (Have your hair pulled back - no hats, make sure to show up clean and professional) 

    • Do not bring personal stuff or a poor attitude to work (Our clients rely on a great, upbeat, positive attitude as this process can be difficult for them)

    • Do not Put things away anywhere in the home haphazardly. Make sure to put products facing the same way label/words facing forward & (View Home Edit Instagram Organization Examples - Especially for clients who are already mostly organized and looking for the aesthetic) NOTE: We are not trying to be the home edit, we want to create systems that are simple & efficient for our clients that are still aesthetically pleasing!)

Home Edit Examples
  • How to hang something in the wall (stud and no stud) (How do you hang up a picture - give me a step by step)

Hang with stud: https://youtu.be/ha3cfXlCkho

Hang without stud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SSJaO3gVPE

Picture Hanging: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7_K_pqXRaw

Weekly To Do's for Organizers

  • Go into ClutterlessTeamMedia Google Drive and upload all project photos from the week.  Do this in this format:​

    • Click into the project type (Ex. Kitchen)​

    • Create a folder by clicking the plus button and click Create New Folder

    • Name this folder with client's first and last name and project date (i.e. Jane Smith 1.4.21)

    • Upload all applicable photos of the project to this folder (feel free to click upload and leave the computer to do it's thing!)

Beginning and End of Day Checklist PDF:




*What the client wants is MORE IMPORTANT than what we want or expect for the space.  Some projects won’t turn out the way you hoped, but if the client is happy, that’s the end goal.


*It’s important to discuss with the client at the beginning of the day what their goals are and what they do and don’t like about the space


*DON’T FORGET to take awesome before and after photos and fun videos we can turn into reels.


*Patience and compassion are a MUST. Our clients expect a non-judgmental experience.

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