• Lahni Carney

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Marie Kondo isn't a Professional Organizer! 5 Reasons why the Magic doesn't work!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Contrary to popular belief, Marie Kondo is not truly a professional organizer. I would actually label her as an organizing consultant or someone that just tells you what to do in order to organize your home.

However, if it were that easy, everybody would just google what to do, look at the hundreds of pinterest articles for advice and it would be done.

A professional organizer is an individual who is skilled in the task of organizing physical and even digital spaces to provide comfort, convenience, and to encourage efficiency. A professional organizer works through a space.

While the KonMari Method does hold some truth in the beginning stages of every organizing project, it doesn’t fit American culture.

A commonly held belief celebrated in Japan, called Shinto animism, is centered around the belief that each object has a "kami" or spirit. This is what the entire foundation of the KonMarie Method is based upon. That's why she starts the project by thanking the home and thanking each item as it is discarded.

The question “does this object bring you joy” is a good place to start when you’re organizing, but there is so much more to consider!

Many of my clients don't understand how to organize -- that's why they hire us!

Clients also don't want to do it on their own. Organizing can be extremely overwhelming.