• Lahni Carney

Practical Tips In Removing Bathroom Clutter

Bathrooms are usually considered one of the smallest rooms in the house, and more often than not, it is also the messiest.

And though you’re not in the habit of hoarding things, the task of keeping this area neat and organized seems like a huge challenge.

So if you’re tired of dealing with sticky soap dishes, stray toothpaste caps, and an overall grungy and messy feeling in your bathroom, then don’t lose hope!

We are going to share some practical tips in removing bathroom clutter and conquer the "water closet" chaos once and for all.

Start Off By Removing All The Stuff From Your Bathroom Shelves

Go through your bathroom and remove all the stuff -- that way you can clean off all the cabinets (this is good because it's good to get in a deep clean once in a while!).

Then categorize all the different toiletries. I like to categorize in groups like "FACE" "TEETH" "HAIR", etc.

Make sure to be honest with yourself (gurl). It's important that you know what products you do and don't use. If you aren't using them, you can remember that the next time you're being enticed with the newest beauty product, to think twice before taking it to the register.

In short, keep what you need and toss out or give away things that you don’t really need.

It's also important for your skin and eye health to keep your makeup up-to-date (ladies!). Old mascara can cause an eye infection and old foundation can result in a breakout!

Once you’re done with the categorization process, place back all the toiletries back into the bathroom shelves. I like to use different baskets with labels to keep everything organized. It's much easier to put away!

If you're unsure about where to start or what supplies you may need, reach out!

Throwing away beauty products can be a lesson in what you really use. It's important to know so you don't overspend -- organizing really does save you money!