• Lahni Carney

The 5 S's of Organizing: Staging, Selecting, Sorting, Storing and Simplifying

The question I ask all my clients before we start an organizing project is "what is your number one goal for this project?"

The responses range from wanting more efficiency in their space to needing to majorly declutter.

When you're interested in getting organized, it's important to remember the 5 S's or organization.


Begin by starting with a specific space -- you'll want a good amount of room to select and sort your items before they're put in their permanent home.

The thing to remember is that organizing is going to make the space look much worse before it get's better -- items all over the floor and you need to have everything out and easy to see!


As you're going through your items, it's important to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

The concept itself is simple. The actual process can be difficult.

This can be because of emotional ties to memorabilia or because the volume of things to go through can feel overwhelming!

The best thing to do when you're trying to tackle some decluttering is to think simply.