• Lahni Carney

Day 6: Living Room


Welcome to Day 6 of Organizing Your Entire Home in 20 days! For Day 6 we are going to be focusing on the living room!

The living room is the gathering place for the family and many memories are made here. On the downside of that though, it’s where a lot of messes happen and clutter’s favorite place to take up residence.

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Many people try to procrastinate cleaning this area because they feel that it will just go back to being cluttered, but if you establish an "organizational foundation", you'll be much better equipped to keep the space tidy!

Since a living room has a lot of different areas in them, we’re going to focus on four main zones.

The four zones we’re going to focus on is the sitting areas (couches, recliners), flat surfaces (coffee tables, side tables), entertainment area (entertainment center, collection of DVDs/movies, gaming devices and disks, board games), and study space (bookshelf, desk, computer surface).

By focusing on 4 main areas, it will help today’s process be less overwhelming. If your living room has more than those spaces, include those areas while you are decluttering today but still continue to think of the spaces as different zones so it doesn't become too much.

The first step in the organizing process is to pull everything out of the space. This may seem like an overwhelming thing to do, but no worries, trust the process and you will love the end result!