• Lahni Carney

Day 5: Kitchen Pantry

Hello, friends! Welcome to Day 5 of Organizing Your Entire Home in 20 Days!

We are going to keep working in your kitchen and organize your pantry today!

Just like the other areas in your kitchen (Day's 3 & 4 can be read here), the pantry is visited often throughout the day by many different people. Therefore, the functionality and design of your pantry is so important to ensure your kitchen stays organized. Let’s get started!

The first step in today's process is to bring out all of the items in the pantry. Bring out all of the food, paper ware, utensils, reusable shopping bags, beverages and anything else that you keep in your pantry.

Keep pulling out all of the items until there is nothing left there. By pulling out all of the items from the pantry, you will be able to clearly see what items you are working with.

After you have brought all of the items out from the pantry, categorize everything into groups based on the different types of food groups.

Group together the pastas, sauces, grains, chips, baking ingredients, back stock items, breakfast items, breads, beverages, and cooking utensils, until all of the items in the pantry are in a group with similar items.

Grouping together all of the items based on categories will help find the right "homes" for all of the different food you keep in your pantry.

Check out the picture below if you need some extra help figuring out how to categorize your food. For additional help, the rest of the article is a great source to see easy ways to have your food sectioned!