• Lahni Carney

Day 4: Kitchen Counter Tops

Hi guys! Welcome to Day 4 of Organizing Your Entire Home in 20 Days!

I hope you guys have learned a lot of tricks for keeping your home clutter-free in the past 3 days and I hope Day 4 brings you just as much satisfaction as the previous day's projects.

Let's get started!

Today we're going to keep working through your kitchen and tackle another project in this room. Day 4 will be focused on decluttering your kitchen counter tops.

Although the main focus will be the counters, the process from today can (and should be!) applied to any flat surfaces in your home.

Kitchen counters are an easy spot in your home to become cluttered because, just like your kitchen cabinets and drawers, there are many people passing by them and using them throughout the day.

No worries though, after we finish today's project, we're going to be talking about some additional tips to ensure the flat surfaces in your home stay clutter-free.

Since all of the items we will be working with today are already on the counter tops, we can skip the process of pulling them all out. Let’s move along to the next step which is categorizing everything into groups.

What are the items that are currently on your counters? Is it stuff leftover from a kids art project? Is it bags of groceries that need to be put away? Is it a lot of small kitchen appliances?

Whatever it may be, start putting all of the items into like item groups. By grouping together similar items, you will be able to easily see which of these items really belong in your kitchen and which ones do not.