• Lahni Carney

Day 20: Car

Hello, Organizing Warriors!

You have made it to the final day in our series How to Organize Your Entire Home in 20 Days! We have been working our way through your home and decluttering the mess along the way.

This process has taken 3 weeks to complete and I hope you see how your hard work has been worth it (drink a nice glass of wine tonight and take a load off to appreciate your handiwork!).

We hope that this 20 day overhaul has left you feeling so much better, not only about the clutter in your home, but the clutter in your mind.

We also know that right now we need happy and healthy distractions from the crazy world we're living in.

For today’s project, your car! It may not be a room in your house, but it’s a space that you spend a lot of time in and should feel relaxed while you’re there -- we know how the usual Denver traffic can be anything but relaxing, so make your car your own personal oasis!

As always, the first step in the organizing process is to pull everything out of your car. This means empty your glove box, your center console and anywhere else you're storing things in your car (everything that can be pulled out, don’t try to pull the actual car apart!).

Your car is an easy place for things to accumulate when you're busy, always on-the-go!

The next step, as always, is to categorize your items. When all the items are categorized into groups, it makes sorting through the items much easier.

After you have categorized everything, take a break from the items because it's time to clean the car!

First, wipe surfaces like the dashboard, steering wheel, door handle and middle console with disinfecting wipes. Then, vacuum the seats and floor (front and back!) in the car. Once you’ve vacuumed, use a glass cleaner to wipe the inside of the windows.