• Lahni Carney

Day 1: Entryway

Updated: May 13, 2020

Welcome to Day 1 of our Organize Your Entire Home in 20 Days series!

During these 20 days, we are going to dive deep into spaces around your house so no room in your home is left unorganized. This will be an amazing experience for you, leaving you feeling so much better at the end of the process.

This series is going to be an exciting adventure for your home, your family, and yourself, so... let’s get started!

Our 20 day organizing extravaganza begins with the entryway of your house.

At first glance, the entryway may seem like an insignificant area to spend time organizing because it’s such a small space, however, the function of the entryway is so important to your family daily routine and the guests who come into your home.

Like we said before, the entryway is your first impression to your house, so you want to make it count!

Pull everything (yes everything!) out of the space.

Open any drawers or cabinets and pull out keys, phone chargers, decorations, lint rollers, candles, or anything else that hides in the entryway.

Take all the coats, shoes, sports equipment and other clutter that often finds it's home here and put them in piles for the specific family members they belong to! (You can use your kids to help you with this step. They can take all of their belongings to their rooms where we will be heading in a few days!)

By pulling out all of the items that occupy the space, you will be able to see what items truly belong there and what items are just adding to the clutter.

Next you'll want to categorize these items (we usually categorize AS