• Lahni Carney

The Draining Effects Of Clutter To Your Life

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

If you find yourself constantly tired and weary, then perhaps you have to take a look around. Chances are if you see mess everywhere, then it’s probably one of the reasons why you feel so drained.

The truth is, clutter has a way of zapping your energy. And if you tend to overlook the dirt and the mess, then you’re dealing with a lot more emotional and mental fatigue.

Read more as we are going to dive into the draining effects of clutter on your life and how you can turn things around and start enjoying your life again!

Physical Clutter

A messy home can be a potential energy zapper. Clutter creates an unwanted distraction and you'll start to feel out of place.

Moreover, a stacked room causes your eyes to continuously scan all around the place which gives a small room for your eyes to rest.

This can make you feel overwhelmed. When there's a lot to look at or sort through, it's hard to know where to start.

In short, the entire scene can exhaust your mind and your body.

In addition, a disorganized house carries a lot of visual reminders of all the chores you need to do. And the mere thought of cleaning is actually taxing.

Mental Clutter

The draining effects of clutter also affect your mental well-being. It consumes your ability to think practically and productively.

This can make you feel overwhelmed. When theres a lot to look at or sort through, it's hard to know where to start.

So How To Deal With Clutter And Put Energy Back Into Your Life?

When you are overloaded with thoughts of unfinished tasks at home or at the office, your mind is constantly distracted.