• Lahni Carney

10 Closet Hacks That You MUST Use!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

One of the most common projects I organize for my clients is closet organization.

Everyone wants the Pinterest-Perfectly organized home and closet, but when it comes time to start organizing, they become overwhelmed.

#1 Hang Your Clothes In the Same Spot — Every Time!

Once everything is organized (what I call the “Organizational Foundation”), it will make it much easier to find things in your closet and put together an outfit — did you know that the average American burns 55 minutes PER DAY looking for things they know they own but cannot find? (Newsweek)

#2 Use Wall Space

Accessories are another item that seem to be neglected when it comes to closet organization. Using wasted space for hanging hats, scarves, belts, sunglasses or even jewelry can decrease clutter in your closet.

You can use your hats to create a fun decorative wall or hang them on the inside of your closet — either way, this keeps them off the floor and ready to go on your head!

#3 Hangers are Hella’ Important

Not only do matching hangers create a uniform look, but they automatically make a cluttered closet look better!

It is also important to use the right hangers for the right pieces of clothing — the best kind of hangers for pants (in my humble opinion) are these.

Hangers are all dependent on personal preference as well. Some of my clients like the velvet hangers (for aesthetic) and some like the plastic (for strength).

#4 Keep Your Shelves In Shape

The shelves above your hanging items can be a real source of clutter — and an eye-sore if they aren’t kept up.

My favorite way to keep up organization on the shelves is containing the items in different bins! The ones below make your closet look uniform and protect your clothes from dust!

#5 Color-Coordinate

One of the most important rules to organizing your closet and maintaining said organization is color-coordinating your clothes!

This helps you stay organized for a few reasons: you know what you actually have, you can more easily find your clothes (“Where’s that blue top? Oh! By all the other blue things.”)

When I organize a closet, I start with the ROYGBIV color system, adding in extras for the colors outside of the rainbow.