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Shannon - Franktown

Shannon had just undergone a serious surgery and had spent many months unable to keep her house in order the way she liked to.

We spent an entire day cleaning out expired food, utilizing acrylic bins (from Bed, Bath & Beyond*), and creating a better system for her and her family to easily maintain!

Isn't this pantry beautiful??

Eric - Stapleton

Part of Eric's kitchen project included his pantry!  He really liked the idea of the acrylic cereal bins, so we switched out all the cereal for the family into these bins from The Container Store*.

When we organize pantries, we try to keep like items together and make snacks as easily accessible as possible.  I like to keep all the grains together (pasta, rice, quinoa) and all the salty and sweet snacks separate.

Caitlin - Broomfield

Caitlin was feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in her home (three kids can do that!!).  We cleared out expired food, better categorized the food she kept, and rearranged where she kept the categories so she knew everything she had (saving her money on the next grocery run!).

Hanna - Denver

Hanna has some awesome bins (and adorable labels!) for her pantry. She wanted us to get her more jars and to better organize the snacks she had.

We got the opaque bins from the bathroom section in Target -- they fit perfectly on the pantry shelves!

Theresa - Longmont

Theresa also wanted her pantry done in addition to her kitchen.

We spent the first day in the pantry discarding expired goods and utilizing the baskets she had on hand to create more order and make snack time more efficient!

Pantry Tip: Use clear bins so you can easily see all the food inside of each basket.  You can make snack-time easier for the kids by separating out salty and sweet snacks.

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