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Other Projects


Dan - Lowry

Daniel and his girlfriend had just moved in together and we helped them organize, consolidate and make the basement a fun place to hang out!

Pat - Englewood

Pat needed help working through her living room and den.  We helped her put things away, downsize two donation car loads and feel like the space was more of a home!

Caitlin - Broomfield

We helped Caitlin organize her son's room so she could better use the fun cube organizer and her son could help put his toys away.

David - Denver

David wanted to purge and categorize his art supplies so he could more easily create!  Spaces like these are easy to make look nice -- use nice bins and contain the small items.

Patty - Littleton

Patty makes some awesome metalwork and she wanted a "showing area" in her home.  This living room was a great space to clear (we loaded up 3 car loads for donations!) so she could display her creations.

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