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Blair - Denver

Blair wanted a full apartment makeover.  In her laundry room, we helped better utilize the space for extra storage, and implemented the shelving for overflow pantry bulk items!

Ellen - Broomfield

Ellen just needed a quick spruce for her laundry shelves.  We LOVE the Elfa she had installed - it works so perfectly in this space!

Liz - Englewood

Liz' laundry needed a little bit of TLC.  We utilized mostly things she had on hand, and implemented a better system with the shelving and extra storage (plus we got to hang out with this cutie all day 😻).

Kim - Littleton

Kim's laundry room doubled as a store space for all her event planning items as well as her gift wrapping and crafts area. 

We loved the white IKEA bins, but ended up putting them to use in her office.

Kathy - Lakewood

Kathy's laundry room, like most of the other spaces in her home, had become a drop zone for things because she was caring for her sick husband.

We were able to better utilize the cabinets in the space and clear the clutter to the areas of the home where they belonged - and we fixed the dryer too!

Laundry Tip: Something we love to incorporate for our clients is the use of multiple laundry baskets in the laundry room.  We suggest using a basket for each person in the household (and let them put the laundry away for themselves!)

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