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Brad - Hilltop

Brad and his wife just moved into their home and wanted to unpack and make better use of this (amazing!!!) closet.

This is one of the best designed closets I've had the honor to work in. Yes, it is a lot larger than most, but the designers used the space exceptionally well.

Susan - Broomfield

Susan needed some additional help with her closet in her new home.

She loved the look of her built-in closet, but it wasn't function for the clothing she had.  We incorporated multiple cube organizers and square fabric bins into the space to better utilize the space she had (look at all those beautiful purses and boots 😍). 

Shannon - Franktown

Shannon's first project with us was her closet.  You can also check out her awesome walk-in pantry!

She had a debilitating back injury, so she wasn't able to maintain her home like she wanted to.  She called us in to clean up her closet so she could more easily move around and get ready!

Blair - Congress Park

Blair wanted us to do her entire apartment! We did her laundry room, coat closet, kitchen, pantry and her master closet.

We added in the extra shelf from Home Depot to use the extra space above the current shelf.  We also added hooks on the open wall to use the space for those pesky shoulder bags.

Jennifer - Aurora

Jennifer and her husband wanted to clear the space and purge some unused clothes (plus some kids clothes that had migrated into their closet!).

We color-coordinated and categorized her side as well as her husbands, made a dedicated Bronco's section, and color-coordinated the hangers!

Closet Tip: Use matching hangers to make the closet have a better aesthetic will help you keep it organized. It's like the new car feeling - you want to keep it clean when it looks good!

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