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Craft Room
& Play Room

Kim - Littleton

A close-up of Kim's fun craft area in her laundry room.

We used wooden dowels and long hooks to hang up her many beautiful ribbons!

Jennifer - Aurora

We helped Jennifer clear out some old toys and stuffed animals and create better zones in her kid's craft room.

Andy - Boulder

Andy and his family wanted to clean up the toy area and make it easier for the kids to put things away - they already a great system in place and some great cubes to hide some of the kid toy clutter.

Karin - Arvada

Karin just wanted to clear the space in her living room so the kids could easily find their board games.  She also purged games and toys the kids weren't using (while they weren't there to protest, of course!).

Craft Room Tip: Keep your small items stored in labeled shoe boxes so you can easily get to them when you're creating something beautiful!

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