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Jason - Denver

Sometimes small projects can be show just as much of an impact.  We love using there Sterilite small 3-Drawer systems in the bathroom.  You can even label the drawers for different toiletries.

Ryan - Littleton

For this project, we made sure to fully utilize the under the sink area so the counter could remain clear.  We used some metal bins from Target* to contain the extra products under the sink.

Gavin - Denver

Our client here is a makeup lover!  We went through all of her product, purged the items she wasn't using (and expired things too!) and contained the remainder with Y-Bins from Target*

Hannah - Edgewater

Our client in this awesome bathroom loves lots of product options.  We found these great pull-out drawers on Amazon* so we could separate all her makeup.  She wanted to minimize the countertop and use the spaces in the drawers and under the sink!

Nicole - Highlands Ranch

This client just wanted clear countertops and a better system to her drawers. We love to use different drawer organizers to keep different categories contained (teeth vs. hair vs. face...!)

Bathroom Tip: It's always a good idea to store your extra products in bins or pull out drawers. Keep things categorized for what you use it for!

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