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Linda - Highlands Ranch

Linda needed help organizing the decor and extra clothing in her basement.  We spent several days consolidating the decor, creating aisles and a system that will help her easily find her holiday decor and her extra clothing.

Erica - Centennial

Erica and her husband wanted to downsize and purge this basement.  We helped them implement better shelving from Home Depot* and categorized the items they wanted to keep and store.

Gayle - Platteville

Gayle and her husband had a lot of accumulation in this basement storage.  She wanted to be able to better use the space for her crafting projects.  We loaded up 3 trailers to donation while purging this space.

Kim - Castle Rock

Kim wanted to better use this basement for her son.  We cleared the space, used shelving from Home Depot and created a fun hang-out spot for her son and his friends to use.

Vicky - Denver

Vicky wanted to purge this space and better utilize the storage space she had.  We loaded up 3 car loads of donations and have been helping her sell her furniture.

Storage Room Tip:  Utilize shelves to keep the floors clear and use plastic bins instead of cardboard (mice like cardboard!).

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