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7 Lessons I’ve Learned As A Professional Organizer

1. There’s a real difference between a “house” & a “home”

When you hear the words house and home, some people think that they’re interchangeable, but to me they cannot be more different.

The house seems more to me like a building structure, that has heat, air conditioning, and the basic amenities that humans need.

But a home, is where we have our friends and family over, it’s where we share amazing experiences, and it is a tranquil and relaxing sanctuary that we are excited to return to every day.

Unfortunately, not everybody feels this way and their houses do not feel like homes. It is my vision to help 100,000 people convert their houses into homes and to be excited to have friends and family over and share their spaces.

In order for a house to become a home it must transform into a stress-free and tranquil environment that has systems to stay that way!

2. Everyone has a different vision for their home

One thing that I’ve learned with working with many clients is that everybody has a different vision for their home.

There’s no one-size-fits-all in design, structure, or systems of a home. It can be difficult at times to see other clients visions for their homes, while I have a vision in my head, but it is easier with great communication.

I like that each home and each client is different because it makes the job more exciting, and makes it like a new day every time I start another project.

No vision is right or wrong, it is just my duty to turn your house into you’re version of your home.

3. Creating systems & having a support system is the way to upkeep your dream home

It is necessary for you to start creating systems in your home to keep your Home a home and not converted back into a house.

The common problem that my clients have, is that six months to a year after we completed a project together, everything goes back to what it was before.

That’s why I’ve created what I call rejuvenation package subscription where I go back to these clients that are struggling and do quick four hour sessions every month, kind of like a cleaning service to help you stay organized!

For my more proactive clients I set up systems that they follow along with consistently so that their homes stay in good shape and they’re excited to continue hosting events, and having people over.

4. Moving is the best time to analyze your items and get rid of “fluff”

When you’re moving homes, and essentially starting over it is a critical time to analyze all the items you had in your home.

As stated in other articles, the average American has over 300,000 items in their home, most of which we don’t use.

When packing up & moving items to another home ask yourself these questions. Do I really need this item? Also ask yourself have you used this item in the last six months?

Treat moving as a chance to start over, and being able to have a clean slate.

Pro tip: check Pinterest for organizational ideas/tools, and tips for organizing your new home.

5. Most people are overwhelmed because “they don’t know where to start” or “they are too stressed to start”

When finding an underlying reason to why people don’t organize their homes, two reasons usually come up.

They don’t know where to start in their home or they’re too stressed out and overwhelmed to start the project.

If you live in a house for 20 years and you keep putting items into it, after the 20 years it will seem impossible to organize your House and make it your dream home.

The best tip I have for this it’s too break up the sections of your house and do one task at a time.

For example, your first task could be organizing your bedroom closet, donating unwanted items, and getting rid of trash.

Focus on the end result and how excited you’ll be once the project is finished, rather than seeing the stress and difficulty along the way.

6. About 50-80% of your wardrobe is being unused

I’ve noticed through working with lots of clients, that many of the clothes and items in the closet are going unused, and are wasting space and causing stress.

One thing that I like to suggest to my clients is that every spring and fall they go through their closet and ask themselves did I wear these clothes this season? If you did not wear them, it is likely that you should donate them and clear up some space in your closet.

This can help you feel less stressed when you going to your closet and make it easier to organize that closet.

Pro tip: Color code your clothes in order to make faster outfit decisions, and be able to see which colors you prefer in your wardrobe!

7. Most clients think their homes are a lot worse than they are

Most clients think that their houses are way worse than they are, and that their house is going to be the worst one that I’ve ever seen.

I have seen lots of houses, and I can almost guarantee that yours is not the worst one.

Organizing is not something that you should judge yourself about or feel bad about anyway.

Just like you need a plumber to fix a leak, and an electrician to fix a light, you should feel totally safe asking a professional organizer for help.

We are here to help, and it is our passion to help you create the home of your dreams!

Talk soon,

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