Bedroom Organization Ideas to Create a Neat Space

Isn’t it wonderful to enter your bedroom and relax after a long and hectic day? You instantly feel calm and completely at ease there. Now, think about everything being in its place—no clothes strewn about, no piles of clutter on your nightstand or dresser. That’s pure serenity.

The challenge is when you have to constantly look for misplaced belongings. Or, you are struggling to find peace amidst the chaos. Then, it’s time to consider some effective bedroom organization ideas.

You can be a novice in organizing, or your bedroom has become a mess over the past few months. Whatever the reason, you are in the right place. Today, we will present you with some useful bedroom organization tips to help you transform your very own sanctuary.

Bedroom Organization Ideas For Small And Big Spaces

A clean and well-organized bedroom isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s also essential for your mental well-being. Having a clean and tidy space can not only reduce stress levels but also help you sleep better. 

Doesn’t matter if you have a small space or a grand master bedroom; how you maintain your storage is important. Here are some effective ideas for organizing your most personal space:

1. Use Under-Bed Space

Under-bed space in the bedroom is often overlooked, but you must maximize its potential. Sliding or rolling storage bins can easily fit underneath your bed frame. Think about investing in them because these bins are a fantastic way to store seasonal clothing items, backpacks, purses, and even extra blankets.

There’s another beauty of utilizing the storage under the bed. It allows you to rotate your belongings as per the season and, at the same time, keep them neatly tucked away but within easy reach.

Label each container to make things even more organized. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s inside without searching around aimlessly.

If you find yourself short on linen closet space, you can even store extra sheets for your bed here!

2. Get A Closet Organizer

Closet organization is a top priority for having a well-maintained bedroom. Now, are you blessed with a spacious walk-in closet or dealing with limited space behind sliding doors? Nonetheless, a closet organizer is your secret weapon for an organized bedroom. There are countless options available, so finding the perfect one to suit your needs and style is easier than ever.

Closet organizers come in different sizes and designs, like rod hangers, drawers, shoe storage compartments, hooks, shelves – you name it! With proper use of them, you can turn any messy wardrobe into a well-structured storage area. One benefit is that it makes getting dressed in the morning effortless. 

Also, the right choice of closet organizer can often solve many minor storage issues without even noticing!

3. Section Off Drawers And Shelves

When it comes to organizing your dresser or shelves, sectioning them off can work wonders if you want to maximize the space and maintain specific order. 

Let’s say you’re getting tired of digging through a jumbled mess of socks every morning. You can simply use drawer dividers to separate them into neat sections based on color or style. The same concept applies to

  • Undergarments
  • Makeup brushes
  • Skincare items
  • Cloth face masks

Don’t forget about keeping your folded clothes tidy on the shelves! Shelf dividers are useful and can prevent stacks of shirts, scarves, and sweaters from toppling over each time you grab one item.

4. Spring For Matching Hangers

Investing in a set of matching hangers may seem like a small detail, but trust us, it can make a big difference.

When your clothes are hanging on uniform hangers, they create an aesthetically pleasing look. What’s more important is that it also shows an overall sense of tidiness. Plus, having all your clothing displayed uniformly makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Whether you have a small walk-in closet or just limited space for hanging clothes, this is a great tip for any bedroom size.

5. Use The Top Of Your Closet

Don’t forget about the top of your closet! This often neglected area can be a gold mine for storing items that you don’t use daily or seasonally.

Investing in some sturdy bins or baskets will come in handy. With them, utilize this overhead space by keeping things like extra bedding, off-season clothing, shoeboxes filled with memories, or even suitcases. 

Make sure to label each bin so you know exactly what’s inside without having to pull everything down.

6. Add Light To Your Closet

Adding closet lights means both beauty and functionality. You can install LED strip lights along the top edges of shelves. Another idea is to place portable spotlights with hooks on the clothing rods.

A well-lit closet helps you see all the items clearly and easily determine colors. Lights make outfit selection much simpler, especially during those early mornings! Remember that excellent lighting encourages organization by allowing you to easily identify what’s in front of you.

7. Minimize Items On Surfaces

When it comes to organizing your bedroom, less is more! What can make your space instantly feel calmer and more peaceful is when you clear unnecessary clutter from all surfaces.

Try to keep only essential items on tabletop surfaces like dressers and nightstands. Keep a lamp for reading, an alarm clock if needed, and maybe a small decorative item or two that brings you joy. Avoid piling up books, papers, electronics, or random knick-knacks; they tend to accumulate over time.

Take a few minutes each day to put away any misplaced items and maintain the serene vibe.

8. Have A Place For Trash

Keeping a small and attractive garbage pail in your bedroom is essential for maintaining cleanliness and tidiness. It provides a designated spot to dispose of tissues, scraps of paper, or any other small pieces of trash that gather in the room.

What do you think about a small, bathroom-size bin? It’s an excellent option, but you don’t want anything too large for anyone to notice or take up excessive space. Choose one that’s compact enough to fit under a nightstand or privately beside a dresser.

9. Declutter With Bins And Baskets

For bins and baskets, you can find a variety of options, from stylish hand-woven baskets to sleek storage bins. And, yes, they are game-changers when it comes to decluttering your bedroom!

You can use bins inside your closet to corral items like shoes or accessories. Label them for easy identification and access anytime you need them. Baskets work great on the bedroom floor or inside an armoire. They can easily hold items like slippers, extra blankets, or even decorative pillows.

If these handy organizers are in the places, you’ll have a clutter-free haven that feels both functional and visually pleasing.

10. Manage Out Of Season Clothes

Instead of relegating your out-of-season clothes to a forgotten bin, try finding space for them in your closet. Take advantage of the very high shelves and those dark, awkward corners that often go unused.

Eye-level shelves are great for items you’ll need during the current season. At the same time, you can store off-season pieces on higher or harder-to-reach shelves. For example, keep fuzzy sweaters within easy reach during winter and stash-up shorts on the high shelf. When summer arrives, swap them out accordingly.

This way, you can make efficient use of every nook and cranny in your closet without sacrificing valuable storage space elsewhere.

11. Put Artwork On Walls

When there is a scarcity of space in your bedroom, place any artwork on the walls so you don’t clutter up surfaces like nightstands or dressing tables. Vertically hanging art pieces create a focal point that draws the eye upward and adds visual interest to your room.

For example, floating shelves or wall-mounted frames are excellent for your favorite paintings or prints. Apart from keeping surfaces clear, it also gives the illusion of more open space in smaller bedrooms.

12. Show Off Your Storage

Traditionally, we see people hide bedroom storage in dressers and closets, tucking them away out of sight. But who says it should always be that way? Why not make a statement with your storage solutions?

Just think about a stylish trinket tray. It could be an attractive display piece and an ideal spot to store small items like keys, loose buttons, or spare change. With such customization, you will be adding both aesthetics and functionality to your bedroom decor.

13. Invest In A Permanent System

Spending money on a permanent storage system can make all the difference if you’re serious about keeping your bedroom clean and free of mess. You could get custom-made shelves, built-in drawers or cabinets, or even floating shelves on your walls.

A fixed storage system not only makes your bedroom more useful but also makes it look better. It provides a lot of room for books, personal items, and decorative items like picture frames and plants. And, yes, everything will be within easy reach!

How To Keep Your Room Clean

An organized bedroom doesn’t automatically guarantee a clean space. Along with making sure everything has its own spot, you need to stay on top of regular cleaning tasks.

Dust gathers very quickly, so vacuum the floors and dust surfaces. Do it at least once a week. Also, have a trash can nearby to avoid unnecessary clutter buildup. Hide it inside your closet or a lidded basket. This way, it’ll be easy to dispose of tissues, product boxes, clothing tags—anything that usually accumulates but has no place to be.


A tidy and organized bedroom is all about finding clever ways to utilize available areas. That, too, without overwhelming them with unnecessary items! All our ideas point toward maximizing the space you have in your bedroom. The size matters little when you know the right plan to organize, decorate, and maintain this very own place of yours. 

At Clutterless Home Solutions, our expert team knows the best tricks to organize any place in your beloved home. We focus on your goals and satisfaction and create a plan to declutter your space and give your belongings designated places. We have clients all over Colorado, and we are willing to travel farther for larger projects.

We are trusted organizers who look forward to you having a stress-free environment around your home. Call us or book us online for your next bedroom organization project!