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10 Bathroom Organization Ideas You’ll Love!

It’s time to get your DIY on!

As DIY, home improvement and home organization are becoming more popular, some of the more creative people of the world are showcasing their talents with some amazing new feats of ingenuity!

Here are my top 10 favorite bathroom DIY organization hacks you’ll absolutely love — they’ll have you running to the hardware store as soon as you’re done reading!

1. Be creative with your over-the-toilet storage

The bathroom is one place in the house that never seems to have enough room.

Most of my clients have a lot of products that they use in the bathroom, and they can’t figure out how to store it all to look nice and keep everything else looking clean as well.

Something that really spruces up the bathroom are baskets or fun shelving above the toilet.

This offers more places to store items if you have a small bathroom.

One example that I absolutely love comes from Seas the Moment, in their blog post about a spa-inspired bathroom renovation.

The reason I love this is because the white baskets are being repurposed as shelving, it opens up the room and gives you a fun way to store toilet paper and towels.

Another is this rustic farmhouse themed project from House of Hawthornes. Here is the link to learn how to do this one!

The reason I love this one is because it’s simple. A couple of shelves, a few items to complete the project, and voilà!

You have extra storage and some new and beautiful in the bathroom.

2. Use unconventional storage space

What I mean by this is, you want to use up all the available space you have to store things in your home.

If you’ve pared down everything and you’re just trying to organize into a small space, it’s imperative you use what I call “air space”.

This is one great use of air space:

Using the space over the door can maximize your storage space for overflow items like towels or toilet paper.

Not only does it give you extra room, it can also look great!

3. Use the walls!

A big problem for many of my clients when it comes to bathroom organization is the lack of counter space.

There isn’t always room for everything (especially if you’re sharing with someone else), nor does it look good to have 37 different products cluttering the countertop.

A few of my favorite DIY hacks to keep your bathroom products organized are below:

Everyone loves Mason jars. This is a handy trick for storing your daily use items like cotton balls, make-up brushes, combs, bobby pins or hair accessories!

Using this IKEA Bekvam Spice Rack will keep all your products on the shelf.

This is a great start to clearing the clutter off your counters

4. Corral your daily use items

When you’re using something every day, it’s smart to have it handy.

I suggest using a decorative tray with you daily essentials to keep them organized but also keep them looking put-together.

5. Use drawer dividers

This is something I suggest for every drawer in the home — use drawer dividers!!

This allows you to keep your bathroom drawers in order and clean.

I would suggest getting divider inserts vs. buying drawer dividers that push against your drawers.

This is because those kinds of drawer dividers can damage your cabinets and the inserts are a lot easier to rearrange and clean.

You can click here to buy this on amazon.

6. Upcycle things from around the house

The best thing to do when organizing is keep it simple.

You don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of specialized organization units in order to stay organized.

Organization is very personal, and should always be personalized to each individual.

One example of upcycling is to use curtain tie backs as towel hooks in your bathroom!

What I love about this is that you can repurpose the tie backs and create a beautiful piece of functional decor!

Here is the link to how she did it.

I also find that using hooks in the bathroom saves a lot of space and doesn’t “clutter” up the walls!

7. Hidden Hair Tools

What are we supposed to do with all of our hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons, wands and the millions of other tools to make our hair look fabulous?!

Some of the best hacks I’ve seen include magazine holders.

Attach the magazine holders or pencil cups to the inside of your cabinet door, and it easily stores your hair beautification tools out of sight.

You can also put them inside your cabinet if you have the space or if your doors don’t work with this method!

There are so many different styles of these nifty holders. I would suggest using the ones made of metal to keep them in good shape against the heat of your styling tools.

8. Make the most of your under-cabinet space

There are SO many ways to use the space under your sink — you just have to get creative with it!

Use stackable storage to use the space under the sink.

Most cabinets won’t have shelving, so you want to use up the space as much as you can!

It will also be a challenge to work around all the pipes so make sure the items you’re buying will fit the space.

You can also use different kinds of stacking storage like these:

Stackable Bin

MadeSmart 2-Tier Organizer

Another classic way to stay organized in the bathroom is to separate your accessories and products in drawers. I do this all the time for my clients!

In the photo above, I categorized all of my clients’ products and used the drawer organizers for extra storage.

You can get these almost anywhere. These are from Walmart!

9. Decorations Matter

One of the simplest ways to create a feeling of space in your bathroom is to keep the decorations to a minimum and keep the colors light!

Many bathrooms I’ve worked in have the same wood-colored cabinets from the 70s!

Modern bathrooms however, are very minimalistic.

When you’re working with a small space, a fresh coat of white or light-colored paint can really make your space feel cleaner and larger.

This amazing example from Seas the Moment blog shows just how some minor modifications to the cabinetry, color and mirror can create a beautiful space!

This is the before photo of the space:

And this is the after!

10. Make this your mantra: declutter, put away, repeat.

When it comes to organization, I can’t stress enough that the habits you build working with an organizer are crucial.

The truth is, we all have those days where the counters get cluttered, and putting away the laundry does not sound like fun.

However, a cluttered space can cause a cluttered mind!

Like we talked about last week with Clutter is a Trigger of Stress & Anxiety — why & how to fix it and The Duty to Declutter: Why Clutter is Effectively Ruining your Life, clutter can bring stress and anxiety (and you may not even know it!)

Take a breath, take a minute and take the time for YOU!

You deserve it!

Until next time, happy organizing!

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