• Lahni Carney

How To Declutter And Organize Your Bedroom

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and being surrounded by clutter can make your early morning ritual or relaxing after a long days work difficult.

Most experts agree that having a peaceful surrounding affects the way we sleep, which is why it’s necessary to keep our bedrooms organized so we can rest soundly… But where should you start?

If you’re seeking guidance on how to declutter and organize your bedroom, then we suggest you keep reading as we are going to share more about this in today’s entry.

Declutter Is A Step-By-Step Process, But It’s Best To Start Now

dirty bedroom

Clutter can oftentimes feel overwhelming. Most of my clients tell me they just "don't know where to start"

We suggest that you concentrate on one area first and then move on to the next.

We also recommend you prepare these things first: a hamper, a donation bin and a trash bag.

  1. Start with the night tables – Remove all things that are not supposed to be there and put them in the right place. Then, discard items that should be thrown away or recycle them if necessary. Do this same process with your dresser tops and other surfaces. Make sure to put the items back in their designated "homes" -- this is the main reason people are disorganized or cluttered.

  2. Place dirty clothes in the hamper (do the same for linens) and return clean clothes to your closet and dresser drawers.

  3. Organize all the things that are left on your night table. I would suggest using a fun decorative tray to keep all your daily and nightly use items within reach, but looking nice.

  4. Go through your bedroom drawers and perform a clutter sweep by keeping or donating items. Make sure to ask yourself: have I worn this in the last year? (And if no, why not?).

  5. Go through all the things in the hamper, do your laundry and put them away right away! **

**Pssst! That's the secret!

The next thing you have to do is to organize your closet:

  1. Hang your clothes up right away!

  2. Fold garments that need to be folded and placed back in your dresser.