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What are CHS's Short Term Goals (3-6 months)?

Have 5 FT Teams, Make Clutterless A Viable Career Choice, Create An Amazing Customer Experience, Get to 500 reviews on Google

What are CHS's Long Term Goals (6 months+)?

Franchise the Clutterless Brand, Promote Staff to Team Leads, Area Managers & Regional Managers, Get closer to our vision!


    • Do not be rude, talk/be on your cell phone(urgent calls taken in car) , stand around or waste time eating, drinking, etc.

    • Do not leave stickers on items if possible (If sticker won't come off put the sticker facing backwards)

    • Do not make comments about clients items to make them feel judged/embarrassed (For example: Client had life-like babydolls & an organizer made a rude comment about how they were creepy and to keep them away from her)

    • Do not show up in shorts, sweatpants, or without your Clutterless T-shirt or Pullover. (Exception: You may wear warm sweatpants for cold garage projects)

    • Do not show up with your hair looking messy (Have your hair pulled back - no hats, make sure to show up clean and professional) 

    • Do not bring personal stuff or a poor attitude to work (Our clients rely on a great, upbeat, positive attitude as this process can be difficult for them)

    • Do not Put things away anywhere in the home haphazardly. Make sure to put products facing the same way label/words facing forward & (View Home Edit Instagram Organization Examples - Especially for clients who are already mostly organized and looking for the aesthetic) NOTE: We are not trying to be the home edit, we want to create systems that are simple & efficient for our clients that are still aesthetically pleasing!)

Home Edit Examples
  • How to hang something in the wall (stud and no stud) (How do you hang up a picture - give me a step by step)

Hang with stud: https://youtu.be/ha3cfXlCkho

Hang without stud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SSJaO3gVPE

Picture Hanging: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7_K_pqXRaw

Weekly To Do's for Organizers


  • Go into ClutterlessTeamMedia Google Drive and upload all project photos from the week.  Do this in this format:​

    • Click into the project type (Ex. Kitchen)​

    • Create a folder by clicking the plus button and click Create New Folder

    • Name this folder with client's first and last name and project date (i.e. Jane Smith 1.4.21)

    • Upload all applicable photos of the project to this folder (feel free to click upload and leave the computer to do it's thing!)

Beginning and End of Day Checklist PDF:



*What the client wants is MORE IMPORTANT than what we want or expect for the space.  Some projects won’t turn out the way you hoped, but if the client is happy, that’s the end goal.


*It’s important to discuss with the client at the beginning of the day what their goals are and what they do and don’t like about the space


*DON’T FORGET to take awesome before and after photos and fun videos we can turn into reels.


*Patience and compassion are a MUST. Our clients expect a non-judgmental experience.


Eric- Stapleton

Eric and his family felt like their kitchen was always in disarray!  We pulled everything out of the cabinets, implemented different organizational tools to help them maintain their organization. 

These cookie sheets organizers are from Bed, Bath & Beyond*!

Kitchen Project Notes:  


Eric (Stapleton):  In this space, they wanted to better utilize their kitchen, clear off the counters more, use the extra space to the side of the kitchen for office and extra supplies.


Notice in this space: We did end up moving a good amount of the items to different cabinets.  Typically, we will take most everything out of the cabinets, wipe them down, and then decide based on the categories we have, as well as the setup of the kitchen, where things will end up.


Don’t be afraid to move shelves.  This is a common occurrence in kitchens and sometimes closets.


Supplies used in this kitchen: 


Cookie sheet organizer (this is perfect for muffin tins, cookie sheets, platters, cutting boards, bakeware, and pots and pans).  It stands them up and allows for easy accessibility when cooking or baking.  You can see in this kitchen we used them for most of these items!  You want to make sure that if you put them in a taller cabinet (above the fridge is common), you MUST secure it to the cabinet.  You can do this with the small clear command hooks for something less permanent, or you can screw them in with cable clamps (they look like this:https://www.biscoind.com/heyco-s3374/p?idsku=245536&gclid=Cj0KCQiAieWOBhCYARIsANcOw0zvuJLc4pV718Iv7lJUJGt9Lu_wgHFXxbtRQFgmJQXlNM3XkRdvGWUaAiTJEALw_wcB)


Metal shelves:  sometimes you need a little extra space in the cabinet.  Shelf risers are a really great way to get more space and utilize “air space” if you need to fit more and the client doesn’t have additional shelves.  These can be used for small pots, mugs, short glasses or other small items.  They are limited, but can work really well in certain situations.


Baskets:  Baskets are an organizers best friend.  It’s a great way to group small items, and keep small clutter hidden away.  They work well with clients because they can throw everything in its right bin and it feels more organized because it’s put away.

Liz - Englewood

For Liz we organized her pantry (included with these photos), laundry room and kitchen.

Some fun upgrades we added were spice drawer organizers from The Container Store*, Y-Bins from Target*, and drawer organizers from Bed, Bath & Beyond*.

Notes for this space:


A big change happened when our client downsized on the pots and pans. We made sure to match up the lids — a great storage solution is to store them with their pot or pan.  However, if you can store them on a lid organizing tool, that is ideal. 


Supplies used in this kitchen: 


Spice drawer organizer - We LOVE to put spices in a drawer, especially if the client likes to cook.  It’s usually the best way to display them all.  If the drawer is too shallow, you can also use spice liner.  They will lie nicely in the liner instead of stacked tilted up on the spice drawer organizers.


Drawer Organizers: We use these in EVERY kitchen.  We use these also instead of drawer dividers. We find they aren’t as clean because the utensils are sitting in the drawer instead of its own bin, and the tension aspect has been known to damage drawers.


Cookie Sheet Organizers & Shelf Risers (again!)


Lazy Susans: Another great space utilizer in the kitchen and pantry, we use these for oils, condiments, sauces and other liquids in the kitchen


Baskets in the pantry INSTEAD OF pullout drawers: In this specific case, it was better to have baskets.  This pantry was a difficult space and the pull out drawers made it difficult to get to the sides of the pantry, making the space much less efficient.

Savannah - Parker

Savannah wanted to use the cabinets in her kitchen more efficiently -- when it comes to small spaces, it's always easier to keep things tidy if you've established an. "organizational foundation" first.

Just wanted to note a few small details we implemented that really helped the client with this kitchen:


In the dark cabinet that went far back and where the pots and pans were stored, we added motion sensing lights.  This way, she could see everything and it made the space easier to access.


We installed command hooks on the side of the fridge to hang the oven mitts (this is good when drawer space is limited)


We put an over the door basket in a cabinet with a good amount of front space to put small items (again, there were very few drawers in this kitchen so we need to customize for each client)


We almost always put food in a separate area.  We’ve found that food in the cabinets of the main kitchen isn’t as efficient.  You can see that we put their food in s small “pantry” to the left of the fridge and moved the small appliances to another area.

Charles - Highlands Ranch

Charles and his family remodeled this (Amaaazzing) kitchen.  (I mean, look at that open shelving!!).

They wanted to bring us in to help reorganize their kitchen, pantry and bar! (We are including pictures of the bar as a bonus!)

Note how we took out a shelf in the picture with the microwave.  We found that taking away that storage space was actually more efficient so we could make a small appliances area within one section.


Drawer organizers, of course!


Placing like items in a line with the label facing forward (for all of them! Even the ones in the back!) really helps make a space feel less cluttered. You can really see this in the pic labeled Bar B&A.  Having the bottles lined up nicely makes the space much cleaner!


Placing pot and pan handles so they are facing the opposite direction helps create more space.

Tips for the kitchen:  Always store your large platters, cutting boards, and cookie sheets vertically so you can quickly grab what you need instead of pulling things out from under other items.


Shannon - Franktown

Shannon had just undergone a serious surgery and had spent many months unable to keep her house in order the way she liked to.

We spent an entire day cleaning out expired food, utilizing acrylic bins (from Bed, Bath & Beyond*), and creating a better system for her and her family to easily maintain!

Isn't this pantry beautiful??

Pantry Project Notes


Shannon (Franktown): This pantry was an overhaul.  11 hours on site and 2 hours for shopping, it took the entire day.  The main transformation was checking expiration dates.  We leave it up to the client, but we always check the expiration dates and set them to the side so they can be the final say.


We created clear and defined sections for all of the different categories of food.  This client is lucky because she has a huge pantry, but the general concept is the same.


Things to note:  When you’re organizing a pantry, you want to put items like chips or things in bags into a basket.  As you can see, they had them on an open shelf and they were just shoved in, there was no way to see what they had.  We put the bags of chips in a rolling basket on the floor so they could pull it out whenever they wanted to grab a snack and the kids knew exactly where to put it!


Supplies used:


Clear acrylic bins: A lot of clients like these bins because they’re trendy, but also because you can see inside of the bin.  We also “decant” items in pantries a lot.  This means that you open up the boxes and put bars outside of the boxes inside of a bin, or fruit packages or applesauces. Some clients will even want you to decant pasta into clear containers or rice!


Cookie sheet organizer: to organize the large platters


Lazy Susan: To organize the oils


Broom organizer: Behind the door we installed a broom organizer so they could hang up their cleaning devices without having to leave them on the floor 

Hanna - Denver

Hanna has some awesome bins (and adorable labels!) for her pantry. She wanted us to get her more jars and to better organize the snacks she had.

We got the opaque bins from the bathroom section in Target -- they fit perfectly on the pantry shelves!

Supplies used:  


In this pantry we used opaque bins from the bathroom section in Target.  These are great when you can find them.


We also used mason jars for her pasta storage — when you have extra in the bags you can store them all together.

Theresa - Longmont

Theresa also wanted her pantry done in addition to her kitchen.

We spent the first day in the pantry discarding expired goods and utilizing the baskets she had on hand to create more order and make snack time more efficient!

Supplies used in this pantry:


Black Baskets: this client didn’t like the idea of clear bins because she wanted to be able to hide the “clutter”

Pantry Tip: Use clear bins so you can easily see all the food inside of each basket.  You can make snack-time easier for the kids by separating out salty and sweet snacks.


Susan - Broomfield

Susan needed some additional help with her closet in her new home.

She loved the look of her built-in closet, but it wasn't function for the clothing she had.  We incorporated multiple cube organizers and square fabric bins into the space to better utilize the space she had (look at all those beautiful purses and boots 😍). 

In closets, we typically use: shoe racks(Target typically or Bed, Bath & Beyond), hangers (velvet looks great and keeps the clothing on the hanger), baskets (assorted but we typically use Y Bins from Target, Cube Organizers, hooks

This was a really big project. Some projects will be like this — you’ll be stepping over piles of stuff just to get into the space.  This closet ended up taking us about 4 days to complete.  This client is a special case — she has a lot of clothes and has an issue with continually buying so we tried to set up a system that would help her find stuff so she could stop buying.


For a project like this, you have to start by pulling out.  It’s going to be a long haul and you’ll need to keep your categories straight.  I find that it’s best if you start at one corner and work your way around the room in larger projects like this so you don’t get overwhelmed.  It’s easy in a space as dense as this with all it’s nooks and crannies.


Supplies we used for this project:


Cube Organizers: We used cube organizers as pseudo dressers with baskets that fit in the cube organizers.  Both we got at Target.  The client loved the system! We also used the cube organizers stacked up to store purses against the side wall (the first picture).


Hooks:  We installed additional hooks pretty much everywhere to hang up her purses, scarves, and assorted items


Valet Hook: This client likes to plan her outfits for trips and the valet hook created a space for that.

Shannon - Franktown

Shannon's first project with us was her closet.  You can also check out her awesome walk-in pantry!

She had a debilitating back injury, so she wasn't able to maintain her home like she wanted to.  She called us in to clean up her closet so she could more easily move around and get ready!

This was a perfect example of too much and the wrong stuff in the wrong space.


In this closet we cleaned out all of the toiletries, our client downsized, and we reutilized the space for her shoes.


When you create a specific space for things, it’s easier for clients to maintain the space.  As you can see, we created a spot for her shoes, a spot for her clutches and purses and this helps deter them from cluttering a space!  The aesthetic of a space is really important because if it looks nice, they’re more inclined to keep it nice!  It’s when a space starts to get cluttered that clients stop caring about keeping it organized.


We cleared out all the underneath areas in the closet where it was easy to shove items and downsized a full carload of shoes and clothing.


We didn’t have to use any supplies in this closet.  She already has a beautiful closet design and we just enhanced it!

Blair - Congress Park

Blair wanted us to do her entire apartment! ​We did her laundry room, coat closet, kitchen, pantry and her master closet.

We added in the extra shelf from Home Depot to use the extra space above the current shelf.  We also added hooks on the open wall to use the space for those pesky shoulder bags.

Additional Shelving: This was a smaller closet but we were able to utilize the “air space” by adding another shelf.  There are a few ways to install shelving in closets or storage areas.  These shelves are from Home Depot in the Closet Maid section.  There are instructions on how to install the shelving that comes with it.  You can take the knowledge from using anchors and studs to install the screws and hang up the shelving!


Hooks: We love using these hooks from Target.  They’re 2 for $5 and they’re great to use for hanging purses, hats, or belts in closets.

Closet Tip: Use matching hangers to make the closet have a better aesthetic will help you keep it organized. It's like the new car feeling - you want to keep it clean when it looks good!


Alyssa - Englewood

Alyssa needed help purging her garage - it had become her catch-all place.  The garage came with great built-in ceiling shelves, so after purging and putting things into the home, the garage was ready for a Colorado winter!

In most garages, we use hooks and different mechanisms to hang up typical garage items like shovels and rakes.  Just like storage rooms, we use a lot of shelves. (Home Depot, Lowes are the best for shelving).  We also use plastic bins to contain different categories (we get these at Target).


 In this garage, there was some great storage hanging above.  In a garage, it is always best to pull items out and categorize them so it’s easier for the client to go through things. 


Typically in garages, we use freestanding shelving and the large clear bins with labels so you can easily find things.  We prefer plastic shelving if they’re on a budget, but we can also get the heavy duty large metal shelves if they want something really strong.  We can also build cabinets depending on supplies budget and availability.  Anything really large scale install would have to be done before we arrive.

Amy - Englewood

Amy and her family had moved into this house and things ended up lost in the new garage.  They have a great extra space in the back of the garage for storage so they can easily fit in both of their cars and all of their garage storage!

This garage we unpacked so we separated everything that was supposed to go into the house and categorized the garage items and organized them onto the shelves.  


Supplies used: 


Plastic shelving from Lowes (Blue Hawk brand)


Plastic bins (from Target and Container Store)

Bonnie - Boulder

This client needed to organize their garage so they could easily find things in this extra storage space. They stored things here because they use their home as a vacation home while they're out of town.

This client needed to organize their garage so they could easily find things in this extra storage space. They stored things here because they use their home as a vacation home while they're out of town.

Garage Tip: Shelving can really help keep things organized in the garage. You can keep things stored above the door as well!  Containing the items is the first step to creating an organizational system!


Kim - Castle Rock

Kim wanted to better use this basement for her son.  We cleared the space, used shelving from Home Depot and created a fun hang-out spot for her son and his friends to use.

Most of the storage/basement areas we do are a lot of decluttering so plan on a lot of movement on these types of days.  Loading up the cars, going to the donation center, building shelves and organizing the kept items into the bins on the shelves.


This project was a LOT of decluttering.  We were able to create different areas in the basement for crafting, a place for their kids to hang out, and even a small “bedroom”


This project took two organizers 12 hours.


Supplies used: 


Plastic shelving from Home Depot (they are the only ones you can get the off white with black edging shelving from. Lowes has ugly colors)


Plastic Bins (Target): We use these all the time in storage rooms and garages.  Some clients like clear bins and that’s our first go-to.  Other clients like the heavier duty black bins with yellow lids.  You can get these at Costco (cheapest), Home Depot and Lowes.

Storage Room Tip:  Utilize shelves to keep the floors clear and use plastic bins instead of cardboard (mice like cardboard!).


Amy needed help organizing her office space after the arrival of her new baby.  We utilized the fun shelving unit with extra baskets and some jewelry organizers from The Container Store*.

We also got creative with her earrings with some picture frames, lace burlap (thick) ribbon!

In this office, we were able to be creative with our clients jewelry.  It was a half office, half dressing room.


Supplies used: 

Frames with large twine-like ribbon to hang up her earrings

Sunglass Organizer (Container Store)

Jewelry Organizers (Container Store)

Kim - Littleton

Kim needed an office makeover so she could feel she was more effectively using the space, while also clearing the clutter from the floor.

We LOVE the new rainbow color-coordinated books!

Simply adding some aesthetics to this office helped create a better atmosphere for this client.  We also put items in nice lines with items that were the same so they lined up nicely.  Small details are VERY important. It’s why our clients hire us!!


Supplies used: White bins (Ikea) — the client already had these.

Kathy - Lakewood

Kathy had paperwork built up from 3o years with her husband.  We sorted through the paperwork, filed away the important paper to keep, and shredded the older paperwork that we discarded (20 bags worth!).

This office was a lot more paperwork than anything else.  We organized the main office space but also the walk in closet with more than 4 full sized filing cabinets to clear out.  


We provided shredding services (Pro shred is $30 for 6 banker boxes OR PakMail by DU does shredding by the pound.

Paperwork Tip:  You only need to keep 7 years worth of tax records (10 for business), and if you have bank records, you don't have to keep bills. Make sure to set up auto-payment where you can.


Liz - Englewood

Liz' laundry needed a little bit of TLC.  We utilized mostly things she had on hand, and implemented a better system with the shelving and extra storage (plus we got to hang out with this cutie all day 😻).

In this space it was just about maximizing the storage they already had so we could tuck things away.  We also got rid of a piece of furniture that had become a clutter dump zone.


The simple act of straightening things and putting categories together goes a long way!

Kim - Littleton

Kim's laundry room doubled as a store space for all her event planning items as well as her gift wrapping and crafts area. 

We loved the white IKEA bins, but ended up putting them to use in her office.

This laundry room was only half laundry room, with some extra storage for party supplies and a corner for crafting/gift wrapping!


Supplies used:  


Wooden Dowels: We hung up the ribbons on the dowels so they could pull 

Shoe Bins: These are great for organizing small items and categories!

Laundry Tip: Something we love to incorporate for our clients is the use of multiple laundry baskets in the laundry room.  We suggest using a basket for each person in the household (and let them put the laundry away for themselves!)

Play Room

Jennifer - Aurora

We helped Jennifer clear out some old toys and stuffed animals and create better zones in her kid's craft room.

Craft Room Tip: Keep your small items stored in labeled shoe boxes so you can easily get to them when you're creating something beautiful!


Jason - Denver

Sometimes small projects can be show just as much of an impact.  We love using there Sterilite small 3-Drawer systems in the bathroom.  You can even label the drawers for different toiletries.

Depending on the under the cabinet storage and the potential closet space in a bathroom, everything can be different.


Supplies Used: 


Pull Out Sterilite Drawers - These can be great for small toiletries, medicines

Clear Acrylic Organizers to Stand up items and separate items — these can be expensive, but some clients really like them/prefer them/have them.

Gavin - Denver

Our client here is a makeup lover!  We went through all of her product, purged the items she wasn't using (and expired things too!) and contained the remainder with Y-Bins from Target*

This was a really fun project.  Some items the client already had and the y bins (in assorted sizes) we bought for them to separate out the different types of makeup and the daytime and nighttime makeup/skin toiletries so it’s easy for her to grab each bin when she needs them. Utilizing bins can really help make a space easier to clean up and keep organized.

Hannah - Edgewater

Our client in this awesome bathroom loves lots of product options.  We found these great pull-out drawers on Amazon* so we could separate all her makeup.  She wanted to minimize the countertop and use the spaces in the drawers and under the sink!

This was a really fun project!


Supplies used:


Pull out drawers from Amazon for the different categories of makeup (picture 2)

Under the sink organizers  (It’s a great way to use the air space because it provides a second “shelf”

White Plastic Bins for Ikea


Notes:  This client has a TON of toiletries.  The thing we set apart was separating out the hair products into different categories (dry shampoo vs. hairspray vs. shampoo/conditioner, etc.), we created a clear counter and was able to get pretty much everything under the sinks and into the drawers.

Bathroom Tip: It's always a good idea to store your extra products in bins or pull out drawers. Keep things categorized for what you use it for!

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