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  • Full Service Organizing (Sit back, relax, & enjoy a drink if you want to. You only need to be there if you want to get rid of items i.e. donations and trash

  • Judgement-Free Help At C.H.S. we believe in creating a welcoming & judgement free community. That's why all of our organizers are judgement free and are there to help you!

  • Free Video Consultation Get your free video consultation where we will discuss your needs, come up with a customized plan to fit all of your needs!

  • Expert Shopping Assistance Why spend time in long lines? C.H.S. will get you everything you need for your project, all before we start on day 1!

  • Donation Haul-Away Don't spend money on a moving truck. Have C.H.S. haul away all your unwanted items & make your day a breeze!

  • Professional Shopping Guide Take the guesswork out of it! Get my inclusive shopping guide for my favorite items at my favorite stores.

  • Selling of Unwanted Items Relax. We've got you covered. C.H.S. will sell all of your unwanted items & donate the other items so you don't have to.

  • 1on1 Coaching At C.H.S. we believe in creating a system that works long term. That's why we offer a FREE 1on1 coaching call after your project to make sure everything is running smoothly.

  • Tips & Tricks Why search the internet for tips & tricks when I've already done all of the work? Get tips & tricks from our team, customized to your home.

  • My Complete "Living Clutterless" Course Get the complete course that teaches you how to organize all the problem areas in your home.

  • Dollar Store Hacks Don't overpay for organizing items. Check out my dollar store hacks guide for inspiration.

  • Energetic & Motivational Approach Ever worked with the energizer bunny? That's me. I use an organizational foundation approach to make organizing both fun & efficient!

All Clutterless Home Solutions Packages Include:

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