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Why Is Organizing (Organising) Important In Management | Discover 3 Actionable Steps You Can Take!

Organizing is important in all aspects of life as it helps us reduce the amount of clutter in our lives, and it allows us to be more efficient! It can also help boost our mood and contribute to a healthy lifestyle! This can help managers be more effective in all aspects of their business.

3 Steps you can take right now!

  1. Start small by getting rid of the trash in your life: trash emails (click that unsubscribe button!), random pieces of paper, or even actual trash around your desk. This will help build momentum and create more efficiency in your work!

  2. Put like items with like items! For example, have you ever spent too much time looking for a working pen or some staples? Creating an organizational system in your desk and office area makes it easier to find items and get back to your important work! We'll start by putting items into groups such as office supplies, back stock items, important documents, or computer cords.

  3. Donate, Donate, Donate! Think of all of the items you've really used in the last 6-12 months. It's important to not keep piles on your desk -- clutter decreases productivity and having a clean workspace is important to keeping your mind clear and working efficiently!

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