• Lahni Carney

10 Bathroom Organization Ideas You'll Love!

It's time to get your DIY on!

As DIY, home improvement and home organization are becoming more popular, some of the more creative people of the world are showcasing their talents with some amazing new feats of ingenuity!

Here are my top 10 favorite bathroom DIY organization hacks you'll absolutely love -- they'll have you running to the hardware store as soon as you're done reading!

Image by Rawpixels.com

1. Be creative with your over-the-toilet storage

The bathroom is one place in the house that never seems to have enough room.

Most of my clients have a lot of products that they use in the bathroom, and they can't figure out how to store it all to look nice and keep everything else looking clean as well.

Something that really spruces up the bathroom are baskets or fun shelving above the toilet.

This offers more places to store items if you have a small bathroom.

One example that I absolutely love comes from Seas the Moment, in their blog post about a spa-inspired bathroom renovation.

The reason I love this is because the white baskets are being repurposed as shelving, it opens up the room and gives you a fun way to store toilet paper and towels.

over the toilet DIY organization hack
Image by Seas The Moment blog